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Set the transformer for the markupheaders to output html instead of xml. This will fix an issue that arose with the script element self closing (GTNPORTAL-764). Note that this will create html, and not xhtml, which will need to be fixed.

- properly scope the data in the pom manager cache - improved the new portal config listener - log system properties with debug level in unit test

Pass cookies set in a portlet off to the portal (GTNPORTAL-763).

- Renamed configuration file to conform to new module name.

- Fixed MappedMap.initFrom method as it should remove any previous value apart from the blacklisted ones. - Added and activated test case.

- Add to parent then init, otherwise we get an exception.

- Minor code improvement.

- Minor.

- GTNPORTAL-701: reverted changes as they seem to be causing issues.

GTNPORTAL-701: Incorrect rendering if the going to the portal url while viewing some portal pages

GTNPORTAL-565 Change a message in resource bundle

Updated images Ch1-4

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GTNPORTAL-624 [Dashboard] pb after saving preferences of a gadget

DRY a bit more

leverage the main dependency management to avoid version number in aggregated poms

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- added an intermediate AbstractKernelTest in addition of AbstractGateInTest - now all the unit test to extend directly or indirectly AbstractGateInTest

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GTNPORTAL-778 : Unit test logging

better location for test data in target dir

rename database name of bilto to gatein :-)

externalize unit test jdbc configuration with a profile for mysql (that will not work for the whole build as no cleanup is done in the database)

- Updated to use PC 2.1.0-CR05 and WSRP 1.0.0-Beta09. - GTNPORTAL-737: + Implemented a JCR-backed implementation of PortletStatePersistenceManager and configure the WSRP producer to use it. + Implemented WSRPContentProvider.combine as it is now called when the producer returns a state. + Added PortletNameFormatter to deal with / in WSRP portlet names that would cause an issue with JCR persistence. + Added portlet-states-system JCR workspace and producer-portlet-states-nodetypes.xml. + Added MappedMap to facilitate using @Properties in JCR by dealing with blacklisted properties and internal vs. external values.

GTNPORTAL-180 : Nothing happens when check or un-check Show Infor bar, Show Portlet Mode and Show Window State in dashboard portlet

remove useless persistence of "decorator" container attribute

added a Decorated mixin that gathers the properties of something visual that is decorated, will be useful for GTNPORTAL-180 (Nothing happens when check or un-check Show Infor bar, Show Portlet Mode and Show Window State in dashboard portlet)

GTNPORTAL-490 : Show invalid number of columns in Dasboard portlet when click edit portlet

Return the markup headers as strings instead of elements so that we can print the markup headers without the xml encoding line (GTNPORTAL-762).

fix security NPE when editing dashboard in edit page

GTNPORTAL-741 : * Add "Refresh" action to * Update Tests with xpath= prefix * Modify Test_SNF_PRL_09 verifications and goals * Improve stability

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