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GTNPORTAL-842: Create new test for "POR_20_022" GTNPORTAL-843: Create new test for "POR_20_023" GTNPORTAL-844: Create new test for "POR_20_024"

GTNPORTAL-718 Added initial Foundations sections based on

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renaming portlet-states-system -> pc-system / portlet: namespace to pc:





Incorporate ltexier changes to ch5 and other edits

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Incorporate ltexier changes to ch5 and other edits

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Update "GateIn_v3.0_MainFucntions_TestDefinition.ods"

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Update "Test_POR_09_002.html"

GTNPORTAL-854 : Login Exception when input invalid password in Sign In form

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GTNPORTAL-691 : in ApplicationRegistry (cluster profile test)

Updated releaseinfo para

make more stuff serializable for mop replication

temporarily commented out

GTNPORTAL-862: JBoss Cache table name too long for Oracle


GTNPORTAL-863: there is some inconsistencies with how the portal code handles a non specified window state, until this is fixed we shouldn't be trying to simplify the url by removing the default window state.

- use PicketLink IDM 1.1.1.GA - uncomment cluster JBossCache configuration for IDM

actually need to remove some of the properties that were migrated as a mixin as they are not really a mixin but really state that could be cascaded

GTNPORTAL-861: add check if the navSate is null or not before trying to convert it over to a parameter string. Fixes issue where portlet actions would always fails.

Updating dependencies

package protected is enough

changing package visibility of a few classes that don't need to be visible globally

Updating parent and common

removing LifeCycleContext to simplify a bit the chromattic / jcr integration

- use PicketLink IDM 1.1.0.GA - remove usage of exo CacheService in idm integration as it duplicates the IDM cache - split JBossCache config file for IDM to have separate cluster config - some defaults in IDM JBossCache config