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- Merged wsrp-extraction branch back to trunk. (-r5827:6031) with the added fix to the package declaration in JBoss5WSSServiceIntegration which was improper (and yet, everything was building fine... -_-; ). - Note that this merge also contains the start of WS Security support in WSRP.

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- GTNPORTAL-1716: Renamed for consistency.

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GTNWSRP-162: move the FederatingPortletInvoker from the start of the PortletInvokerInterceptor to right before the producer gets called. This allows for things like ConsumerCaching to be available to the various portlet invokers included in the FederatingPortletInvoker.

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- GTNWSRP-166: Renaming a consumer now properly changes the JCR path so that it can be properly deleted. Thanks to Julien for the Map trick! :) - Added exceptions if something doesn't go well in save and delete methods.

- GTNWSRP-158, GTNWSRP-161, GTNWSRP-163: Synchronize update of the ProducerInfo since it can be called concurrently when portlet invocations trigger a ProducerInfo refresh.

- Trying to address GTNWSRP-158, GTNWSRP-161, GTNWSRP-163: + Reset the ThreadLocal session holder to null when the session is closed + Fail if trying to close a session that wasn't held in the ThreadLocal holder (i.e. attempting to close the session from another thread) + Properly close the session in JCRMigrationService.

- GTNWSRP-112: we only get page deletion events after the JCR page has already been removed so had to work around this. Adapted tests.

- GTNWSRP-84: Made JCRPersister thread-safe.

- Updated tests: not sure why I thought they were passing when I last committed... :( + Do not test the existence of windows anymore since it's only testing the mock in testPageDeletionEvent. + Fixed wrong assumption: currently, when a page is deleted, its subpages are not, which is weird. + Trying to get a list of children windows for an inexistent page should really fail.

- Re-factored MOPConsumerStructureProvider so that it's decoupled from MOP objects by introducing the PortalStructureAccess interface and its MOPPortalStructureAccess implementation. Made it easier to test. - Added test case.

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- GTNPORTAL-126: Make PageInfo maintain window name -> uuid mapping instead of it being done at the top level to avoid collisions (previous implementation was quite stupid, actually!) :/

- GTNWSRP-143: Update MOPConsumerStructureProvider to API change and use new specified parameter to update window name so that it's less confusing for users. - Updated to PC 2.2.0-CR01 and WSRP-2.0.0-CR01-SNAPSHOT.

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- GTNPORTAL-1600, GTNWSRP-112: Made MOPConsumerStructureProvider listen to page events so that the internal page information structure is updated accordingly. - Updated listeners registration to use proper method version since we're using eXo Kernel 2.2.5-GA now.

- GTNWSRP-67, GTNWSRP-49: replacing the whole stack was not working properly as it wasn't interacting as expected with the ApplicationRegistry, so now, insert the WSRP-specific interceptor in the stack instead.

- GTNWSRP-67, GTNWSRP-49: Use WSRP-specific event payload interceptor in the container stack to properly handle payloads. - Updated to WSRP 2.0.0-Beta03.

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- Register WSRPProducer with ExoKernelIntegration-provided PortletApplicationRegistry so that it can react to ManagedObjectEvents. - Fixed missed renaming of MOPPortalStructureProvider. - Upgraded to WSRP 2.0.0-Beta02-SNAPSHOT.

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- Renamed to be more conform to interface name.

- Merged from wsrp2-integration, ignoring temporary fix (rev. 4466) for issue with commit 4242 (svn merge -r4466:4562 + Udated to use PC 2.2.0-Beta05 and WSRP 2.0.0-Beta01 + Use AbstractWindowContext instead of ExoWindowContext since there wasn't any discernible advantage to using a custom implementation at this point. + Adapted for API changes + GTNPORTAL-1529: Fixed inconsitent parameters in JCRPersister.delete method + Introduced BaseMapping to gather common behavior and possibly extends JCRPersister with more generic methods down the road

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Merged changes from branch wsrp2-integration 4119:4357

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- GTNPORTAL-1452, GTNWSRP-65: Use ListenerService to register SessionEventListenerAndBroadcaster for session creation and destruction events.

- Use WSRP 2.0.0-Alpha01 and common 2.0.3-GA. - Adapated JCR mapping to changes in WSRP. Shouldn't change anything persistence-wise.

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- Renamed ExoKernelIntegration for WSRP component to WSRPServiceIntegration to avoid confusion. - Fixed typo.

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- Add display of WSRP component version once the service has started.

- GTNWSRP-17: Fixed implementation of update that wasn't respecting the method contract (return the old id if it had changed).

- Removed unused getConsumer method. If needed, JCR getParent could be used as we have a hierarchical relationship between Consumer and Registrations.

- Added cause exception for better error reporting.

- Added save method on JCRPersister so that we can save independently of closing the session as it might be needed. - Do not close the session before iterating over the elements to populate internal state of JCRRegistrationPersistenceManager.

fix bug

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update to Chromattic 1.0.0 Reflext 1.0.0 MOP 1.0.0-GA JCR 1.12.0-GA

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renaming portlet-states-system -> pc-system / portlet: namespace to pc:

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