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- Updated tests: not sure why I thought they were passing when I last committed... :( + Do not test the existence of windows anymore since it's only testing the mock in testPageDeletionEvent. + Fixed wrong assumption: currently, when a page is deleted, its subpages are not, which is weird. + Trying to get a list of children windows for an inexistent page should really fail.

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- Re-factored MOPConsumerStructureProvider so that it's decoupled from MOP objects by introducing the PortalStructureAccess interface and its MOPPortalStructureAccess implementation. Made it easier to test. - Added test case.

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- Renamed configuration file to conform to new module name.

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- Fixed MappedMap.initFrom method as it should remove any previous value apart from the blacklisted ones. - Added and activated test case.

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- added an intermediate AbstractKernelTest in addition of AbstractGateInTest - now all the unit test to extend directly or indirectly AbstractGateInTest

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use configuration files identified by the artifact id of the module they are to avoid any naming issue when loading configuration

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- update GateInTest to create a tmp dir per runtime execution (allow to avoid mvn clean install) - change ../temp to ${basedir}/target in test idm configuration as it's putting data at wrong place

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Merging changes done in wsrp-integration branch - Configuration persistence - Admin UI portlet

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