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GTNPORTAL-2643 - Move docs to confluence

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GTNPORTAL-2584 Port missing updates of Reference Guide from EXOGTN to GateIn

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GTNWSRP-288: Update to the documentation. The configuration options are more simpler now and are located in the conf/gatein directory instead of existing within the zipped wsrp archive.

GTNPORTAL-2492 Update SAML documentation according to Picketlink Federation and SSO update

GTNPORTAL-2434 Documentation for SAML2 integration in reference guide

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GTNPORTAL-2416 - Update OpenAM (OpenSSO) integration document for cross domain authentication usecase

- Update SSO version in GateIn docs

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Added mention on the fact that some components require all lowercase usernames.

GTNPORTAL-2352 Added needed section for SSO integration with GateIn Tomcat bundle

Added link to latest SSO bundle.

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Added documentation.

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Update location with latest ZIP file.

GTNPORTAL-2322 Update docs according to JOSSO changes in newly released SSO 1.1.1-CR01.

GTNPORTAL-2339 Outdated location of LocalePolicy configuration in docs

GTNPORTAL-2315 Added info about CustomMembershipLoginModule and SVN location of existing login modules

Revert previous commit 8270

Added info about CustomMembershipLoginModule and SVN location of existing login modules

GTNPORTAL-2315 Make it more PDF friendly

GTNPORTAL-2315 more documentation about authentication and authorization

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GTNPORTAL-2313 Port documentation about password encryption from EPP

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JBEPP-1431: Actioning QE feedback

- GTNWSRP-267: Added section on using pages.xml and <wsrp> to add a remote portlet to a page.

- GTNWSRP-267: + Use important instead of note for important stuff. Clever, uh? :) + Fixed improper name for default producer configuration file.

- GTNWSRP-267: + Added reference to JBOSS_PROFILE_HOME for greater clarity. + Fixed improper documentation as to the behavior of the consumers configuration: we do not read the XML configuration anymore if it's already been imported in JCR. Note that this was a mistake that probably dates back to GateIn 3 documentation. - GTNWSRP-231: added documentation on the possibility of adding a wsrp-producer-config.xml file to conf/gatein to use instead of having to modify the extension to change the initial producer configuration.

- GTNWSRP-267: finished updating the consumers configuration part.

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GTNPORTAL-2267: add missing image for wsrp wss setup.

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GTNPORTAL-2267: initial reference guide documentation for ws-security support with wsrp.

- GTNWSRP-267: changed structure of consumer configuration procedure, changed example to use NetUnity's public producer instead of (now defunct) Oracle's public producer.

GTNPORTAL-2277 minor fix for PDF rendering

GTNPORTAL-2277 SSO valve documentation upgrade.