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GTNPORTAL-3409 Use of legacy html attributes not compliant

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Remove also examples

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GTNPORTAL-2382 Remove ClearFix from stylesheet and template

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GTNPORTAL-1993 Merge the navigation controller implementation

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GTNPORTAL-1790 Merge the commit branch of sprint 47 back to trunk

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Merge the wci branch into trunk

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GTNPORTAL-1643: Merge branch branch-GTNPORTAL-1643 back to trunk

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GTNPORTAL-806: Links on Home page Add the links also on the extension and sample-portal

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Proud of being a best of breed, adding back the text in the samples deployed by default on JBoss

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Renaming 'sample' to 'examples' "Example is used of an object, condition, etc., that is assumed to illustrate a certain principle or standard: a good example of baroque architecture. Sample refers to a small portion of a substance or to a single representative of a group or type that is intended to show what the rest of the substance or the group is like: a sample of yarn."

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