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GTNPORTAL-3057: add the Ubuntu font locally. Update the skin service to support fonts.

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GTNPORTAL-3038: Fix issue where images would sometimes have a border in IE10

GTNPORTAL-2776: updates to the mobile integration to fix various css issues and to properly close a div tag which was preventing ajax requests from completing properly.

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GTNPORTAL-2885: - Design adjustments in the Features Portlet - Adjustments in the community / footer portlet - Adjustments in the community and footer portlet - add clearfix to the community portlet to cancel out its float which was causing it to be rendered outside the UIPageBody

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GTNPORTAL-2927: Handle admin portlets better with the mobile skin. GTNPORTAL-2926: Fix issues preventing drag and drop on page editor. Add drag and drop to dashboard. - fix issues with responsive skin on mobile devices (especially modals/popups).

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GTNPORTAL-2747: improve mobile skin compatiblity with other webui components.

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Update for proper formatting of files.

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CSS updates to make things work a bit better on mobile devices.

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GTNPORTAL-2748: updating css for mobile portlets

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GTNPORTAL-2780: moved over the mobile configuration to a separate portal extension.

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