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remove jboss 5,6 and tomcat 6 packaging

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GTNPORTAL-2403: Create site preference portlet - created portlet which will allow users to select which site they perfer. Performs redirects based on the mappings specified in the portal.xml - added to the other servers build, but currently only works with JBossAS5 (issues with the Portlet Bridge and server compatibilities). May need to drop using JSF and create a normal portlet due to this :(

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GTNPORTAL-2274 Can't login after unsuccessful login attempt in cluster profile

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GTNPORTAL-2265 Use options in SSOLoginModule example in gatein-jboss-beans.xml

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GTNPORTAL-2031: Export/Import Gadget for MOP management.

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GTNPORTAL-1845: remove PortalLoginModule, the credentials are being added to the servlet session in the wci module now.

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Merge the wci branch into trunk

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GTNMAVEN-16 Packaging that supports JBossAS6 and does away with javascript packager

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