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GTNPORTAL-2980 Improved Modularization - SSO modularization - added module org.jasig.cas.client, Property substitution in standalone.xml changed to use #{...}

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GTNPORTAL-2980 Improved Modularization - move third-party libraries out of org.gatein.lib - don't export any dependencies from org.gatein.lib - reintroduce the necessary TCCL resources to portal.war by using jboss-deployment-structure.xml instead of MANIFEST.MF - introduce 'bom' modules org.gatein.portal.container-dependencies, and org.gatein.portal.container-dependencies-basic

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GTNPORTAL-2957: added missing JDOM dependency (triggered when calling some gadget support services)

GTNPORTAL-2957: extracted shindig-related dependencies into a module to prevent issues with ehcache and jbossws-cxf with wsrp and wss :( - Created org.gatein.shindig module - Created org.json module used both by org.gatein.lib and org.gatein.shindig - Cleaned-up org.gatein.lib module - Added MANIFEST dependencies on org.gatein.shindig module in eXoGadgetServer war

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GTNPORTAL-2950 PortletBridgeListener needs to be manually added to deployment

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Added GateIn API support. Added OauthLoginModule. Support for Tomcat packaging. More bugfixing, javadoc, comments

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GTNPORTAL-2933 AS 7.2.0 Support - Fix jbossas711 build

GTNPORTAL-2896 @PortletLifecycleScoped for CDI portlets

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More support for alternative flows. Bugfixing

Correctly handle case when user denied dialog during Facebook OAuth interaction

Refactoring: Introduce abstract class AccessTokenContext and refactor OAuth processors according to it. Simplify OAuth filters and create common superclass OAuthProviderFilter

Handle revoking in Facebook

Handle cases when user didn't permit scope or accessToken is invalid during revocation (Google, Twitter)

Improve warning message in UIAccountSocial

Improve error handling for Facebook

Remove installed from customScope in FacebookFilter

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GTNPORTAL-2906 Added CDI portlet integration module, and automatically include module for deployments that uses PBR and CDI

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GTNPORTAL-2933 AS 7.2.0 Support

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GTNPORTAL-2895 Support for CDI in portlets and filters

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GTNPORTAL-2867 Removed Apache HTTPClient 3.1

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Support for Twitter and Google+ . Bugfixing

Fill more informations related to user registration

Finished work on twitter. More operations added to TwitterProcessor

Basic support for Google+. Still need to fix some issues

Added OAuthProviderTypeRegistry so users can plugin their own OAuthProviders if needed

Possibility to have accessToken saved in more attributes of UserProfile

Don't save IdToken in GoogleProcessorImpl as it's too long

Export module so portlet applications could find it

Fix UIRegisterForm so it compiles again

Rename GateInException to OAuthException, so it's OAuth specific

Refactoring of exception messages

Fix bug with unlinking social account in UIAccountSocial

Don't overwrite refreshToken in GoogleProcessorImpl

Support for remote revocation of accessTokens

Added method refreshToken on GoogleProcessor


Handle revocation with invalid token

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Initial support for OAuth. Support for Facebook login. Saving informations about usernames and access tokens to UserProfile

Initial support for Facebook login works (limitation that FB username needs to be same as GateIn username)




Saving FB accessToken into userProfile after successful authentication

Simplify code to use newest FacebookProcessor from picketlink 3.x

Logging message

Added method UserDAOImpl.findUserByUniqueAttribute

Added initial logic for deal with storing informations (usernames and accessCodes)

Bind FB username with attribute on user profile

Move GateInException classes to common module to be visible from everywhere. Handle oauth error with duplicate username in OrganizationManagementPortlet

minor change in comment

Added AccountSocial tab to UIAccountSettings portlet

Move webui components for RegistrationPortlet to webui/portal project



Base methods to AuthenticationRegistry to have it more flexible

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GTNPORTAL-2821 RF fileUpload component broken over WSRP

GTNPORTAL-2821 RF fileUpload component broken over WSRP

GTNPORTAL-1956 Public API - Navigation API - Initial support for Pages and Sites

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GTNPORTAL-2742 Warning - using a private module

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GTNPORTAL-2730 New code style rules and build level formatting enforcement

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GTNPORTAL-2727 Packaging update for Picketlink federation. Use slot=gatein to make it work on AS 7.1.1

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GTNPORTAL-2683 Created a new org.xmlpull module and add a dependency to it in org.gatein.lib only exporting XPP classes and not QName one.

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GTNWSRP-312 Added new module to be able to easily inject JAX-WS catalog where it's needed.

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GTNPORTAL-2558 Clustering - authentication replication

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GTNPORTAL-2642 : Update GateIn with pc=2.4.0.Alpha04 wci=2.3.0.Alpha05 common=2.1.0.Alpha05 wsrp=2.2.0.Beta07 WSRP now depends on WCI.

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GTNPORTAL-2676 SSO packaging available in GateIn

Parameter for skipJSPRedirection in SSOHelper

First version of SSO packaging with CAS working through

OpenAM works with new packaging

SPNEGO packaging

SAML2 works with new packaging

JOSSO packaging and SSO update to 1.3.0.Beta01

Filter order change for SSODelegateFilter

SSO packaging for Tomcat, Jetty and JBoss 7.1.1

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GTNPORTAL-2634 Using infinispan for Picketlink IDM cache

Infinispan integration - cluster is working

Packaging for plidm+infinispan integration. Programmatic configuration of TransactionManagerLookup

Introduce DelegatingClassLoader and use it for infinispan. Use infinispan apiCacheProvider into TestOrganizationService

Simplified configuration and using shared cacheManager for whole idm cluster

Use CustomHibernateServiceImpl as HibernateService implementation

Picketlink IDM dependency updated to 1.4.0.M02

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GTNPORTAL-2585 JBoss Portlet Bridge module for AS7 packaging

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GTNPORTAL-2594 - Dependency Cleanup - remove unused hsqldb from AS7 packaging

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GTNPORTAL-2594 - Dependency Cleanup (Part II) - removing asm, 5 "commons" libs, guava, jdom, joda-time, hibernate and slf4j from as7 packaging

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