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GTNPORTAL-3432 - Replaced all JBoss-related profiles with eap630.

As part of GTNPORTAL-3432, this commit removes all JBoss-related profiles, including previous EAP versions, with a single profile for EAP 6.3.0.Alpha1. Part of this change is the rename of the packaging/jboss-as7 into jboss.

The generic 'jboss' name was chosen as it would be an indicative of the 'base' of the integration, meaning that it would still be correct when Wildfly gets integrated.

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Remove gwt-gadget

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GTNPORTAL-3127 Minor modularity fixes

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Remove what we redo

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GTNPORTAL-2976 Change the declaration of xsd schema in web.xml for webapps

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GTNPORTAL-2976 Change the declaration of xsd schema in web.xml for webapps

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GTNPORTAL-3022 Cannot authenticate to rest context

GTNPORTAL-2980 Improved Modularization - fixed dependency on org.gatein.oauth

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GTNPORTAL-2980 Improved Modularization - move third-party libraries out of org.gatein.lib - don't export any dependencies from org.gatein.lib - reintroduce the necessary TCCL resources to portal.war by using jboss-deployment-structure.xml instead of MANIFEST.MF - introduce 'bom' modules org.gatein.portal.container-dependencies, and org.gatein.portal.container-dependencies-basic

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GTNPORTAL-2849 GateIn Redirect Admin UI

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Initial support for OAuth. Support for Facebook login. Saving informations about usernames and access tokens to UserProfile

Initial support for Facebook login works (limitation that FB username needs to be same as GateIn username)




Saving FB accessToken into userProfile after successful authentication

Simplify code to use newest FacebookProcessor from picketlink 3.x

Logging message

Added method UserDAOImpl.findUserByUniqueAttribute

Added initial logic for deal with storing informations (usernames and accessCodes)

Bind FB username with attribute on user profile

Move GateInException classes to common module to be visible from everywhere. Handle oauth error with duplicate username in OrganizationManagementPortlet

minor change in comment

Added AccountSocial tab to UIAccountSettings portlet

Move webui components for RegistrationPortlet to webui/portal project



Base methods to AuthenticationRegistry to have it more flexible

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Merge branch 'master' into mobile

















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GTNPORTAL-2780: moved over the mobile configuration to a separate portal extension.

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GTNPORTAL-2743 AS7 packaging cleanup

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GTNPORTAL-2742 Warning - using a private module

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GTNPORTAL-2730 New code style rules and build level formatting enforcement

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GTNWSRP-318: Add the gatein sso dependency to the wsrp-integration.ear. Fixes an issue where ws-security would fail because of this

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Remove jax-ws-catalog.xml that is now in the producer war directly.

GTNPORTAL-2646 Fix private module warning on AS7

GTNPORTAL-2676 SSO packaging available in GateIn

Parameter for skipJSPRedirection in SSOHelper

First version of SSO packaging with CAS working through

OpenAM works with new packaging

SPNEGO packaging

SAML2 works with new packaging

JOSSO packaging and SSO update to 1.3.0.Beta01

Filter order change for SSODelegateFilter

SSO packaging for Tomcat, Jetty and JBoss 7.1.1

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Merge with master

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Packaging fixes and docs

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Added cluster mode to build

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