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Working downgrade to JCR 1.15.x

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Revert "GTNPORTAL-3390 : Migration to JCR 1.16.0-Alpha4"

This reverts commit 1de3be4407b9825b19e8800e01951b5217e2af59.



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GTNPORTAL-3432 - Replaced all JBoss-related profiles with eap630.

As part of GTNPORTAL-3432, this commit removes all JBoss-related profiles, including previous EAP versions, with a single profile for EAP 6.3.0.Alpha1. Part of this change is the rename of the packaging/jboss-as7 into jboss.

The generic 'jboss' name was chosen as it would be an indicative of the 'base' of the integration, meaning that it would still be correct when Wildfly gets integrated.

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