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Support for Twitter and Google+ . Bugfixing

Fill more informations related to user registration

Finished work on twitter. More operations added to TwitterProcessor

Basic support for Google+. Still need to fix some issues

Added OAuthProviderTypeRegistry so users can plugin their own OAuthProviders if needed

Possibility to have accessToken saved in more attributes of UserProfile

Don't save IdToken in GoogleProcessorImpl as it's too long

Export module so portlet applications could find it

Fix UIRegisterForm so it compiles again

Rename GateInException to OAuthException, so it's OAuth specific

Refactoring of exception messages

Fix bug with unlinking social account in UIAccountSocial

Don't overwrite refreshToken in GoogleProcessorImpl

Support for remote revocation of accessTokens

Added method refreshToken on GoogleProcessor


Handle revocation with invalid token

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Support for registration via OAuth



Registration workflow improvements and fixes



Change OAuthDataStorage to SocialNetworkService

Added support for displayName in registration form

Don't store principal in httpSession in facebookProcessor

Fixed localization labels for UIRegistrationForm to be available for OAuth registration




Fix localization messages in UIAccountPortlet

Added linking/unlinking social accounts

Introduce OAuthProviderType enum and refactor code due to it

Refactoring existing code to be more generic (not facebook specific). Introduce OAuthLinkAccountFilter to link new social network

Added messages for success/fail during link social account

Renamed lifecycle class to OAuthLifecycle

  1. … 65 more files in changeset.