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GTNPORTAL-3482 Deprecated class of UserImpl

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GTNPORTAL-3417 Disable users icons look like inverse

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GTNPORTAL-3411 Minor markup XHTML issues

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GTNPORTAL-3338 The position of Required Field (*) is not correct in Add category form of Application Registry

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GTNPORTAL-3353 User query improvement based on Enabled/Disabled status GTNPORTAL-3345 Improve User Management in Organization Application

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GTNPORTAL-3253: [IE] Ajax requests are broken if the node name containing accent characters

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GTNPORTAL-3253: [IE] Ajax requests are broken if the node name containing accent characters

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GTNPORTAL-3253: [IE] Ajax requests are broken if the node name containing accent characters

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GTNPORTAL-3196 After facebook signin in on mobile site, user is redirected back to classic site

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GTNPORTAL-3152 508 type (d) and type (o) enhancements

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GTNPORTAL-3088 i18n for 'Reguired field' legend in forms

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GTNPORTAL-3087 Addming missing legends in forms for required fields

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Remove what we redo

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GTNPORTAL-2989 Adding some missing <labels> and scope attributes in <td> tags for accessibility compatibility

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GTNPORTAL-2945 - moving social buttons under login

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GTNPORTAL-3005 Adding explicit labels elements to organization/users and groups management forms

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GTNPORTAL-2989 Administration/Application Registry page tables with summary attributes

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Added GateIn API support. Added OauthLoginModule. Support for Tomcat packaging. More bugfixing, javadoc, comments

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GTNPORTAL-2909 OAuth design init

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Support for Twitter and Google+ . Bugfixing

Fill more informations related to user registration

Finished work on twitter. More operations added to TwitterProcessor

Basic support for Google+. Still need to fix some issues

Added OAuthProviderTypeRegistry so users can plugin their own OAuthProviders if needed

Possibility to have accessToken saved in more attributes of UserProfile

Don't save IdToken in GoogleProcessorImpl as it's too long

Export module so portlet applications could find it

Fix UIRegisterForm so it compiles again

Rename GateInException to OAuthException, so it's OAuth specific

Refactoring of exception messages

Fix bug with unlinking social account in UIAccountSocial

Don't overwrite refreshToken in GoogleProcessorImpl

Support for remote revocation of accessTokens

Added method refreshToken on GoogleProcessor


Handle revocation with invalid token

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GUI improvements, refactoring, access token encryption. Added CodecInitializer, so codec could be used in other components (not just CookieTokenService)



Added module oauth-common. Refactoring existing code. Remove redundant request to Facebook



Improvement in FB workflow to handle revoked authorization request

Removed OAuthHelper. Added UISocialLoginButtons and reuse it in UILoginForm.gtmpl and UIRegisterPortlet.gtmpl

Added OAuthDelegateFilter and Oauth integrators to simplify configuration

Added CodecInitializer, so codec could be used in other components (not just for CookieTokenService))

Encryption of oauth accessTokens. AccessTokenInvalidationListener for invalidation of accessTokens when oauth username was changed

Move most of the stuff to oauth-common module. Renamed module oauth to oauth-web



Externalize some content in FacebookProcessor, so portlets could read it

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Initial support for OAuth. Support for Facebook login. Saving informations about usernames and access tokens to UserProfile

Initial support for Facebook login works (limitation that FB username needs to be same as GateIn username)




Saving FB accessToken into userProfile after successful authentication

Simplify code to use newest FacebookProcessor from picketlink 3.x

Logging message

Added method UserDAOImpl.findUserByUniqueAttribute

Added initial logic for deal with storing informations (usernames and accessCodes)

Bind FB username with attribute on user profile

Move GateInException classes to common module to be visible from everywhere. Handle oauth error with duplicate username in OrganizationManagementPortlet

minor change in comment

Added AccountSocial tab to UIAccountSettings portlet

Move webui components for RegistrationPortlet to webui/portal project



Base methods to AuthenticationRegistry to have it more flexible

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GTNPORTAL-2382 Remove ClearFix from stylesheet and template

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Clean up and optimize javascript

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GTNPORTAL-2091 Merge DOM Optimization branch into trunk

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GTNPORTAL-777: Prevent flooding of user db by spambots Introducing a captcha mechanism

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GTNPORTAL-48: Release GateIn 3.0.0-Beta02 with source code from * Source code from

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