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GTNPORTAL-2286 A small wrong CSS

GTNPORTAL-2281: Can't maximize gadgets oups... Didn't mean to commit that one

GTNPORTAL-2281: Can't maximize gadgets

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GTNPORTAL-2115 Remove Expand All feature in site map portlet

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GTNPORTAL-2091 Merge DOM Optimization branch into trunk

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Merge the decouple webos branch into GateIn trunk

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GTNPORTAL-1790 Merge the commit branch of sprint 47 back to trunk

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GTNPORTAL-1731 Merge the commit branch of sprint 45 back to trunk

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GTNPORTAL-1326: IE7: Lost divided icon of child page on breadscrumbs on IE7

GTNPORTAL-1099:Error UI in Sitemap page when change language to Arabic

GTNPORTAL-937: Problem with sitemap on IE7, GTNPORTAL-952: GateIn logo on SiteMap is obstructed

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GTNPORTAL-812: Cursor pointer over links has no pointer icon and vice versa

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GTNPORTAL-299, GTNPORTAL-697 set navigation menu drop down to z-index of 1. Any portlet markup shoud use negative numbers for ordering in that space.

GTNPORTAL-204:improve UI of Sitemap portlet

GTNPORTAL-204:Error display in Sitemap portlet when create many sub page

GTNPORTAL-204: Error display in Sitemap portlet when create many sub page

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GTNPORTAL-600: Can't login portal when banner portal is checked Show infor bar

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UI-568:[Portal] Error UI when switch view mode Portal Navigation portlet

GTNPORTAL-28: Please increase opaqueness of drop down menus

GTNPORTAL-48: Release GateIn 3.0.0-Beta02 with source code from * Source code from

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