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Decouple NewPortalConfigListener from UserPortalConfigService

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Merge branch 'master' into mobile

















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GTNPORTAL-2780: moved over the mobile configuration to a separate portal extension.

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GTNPORTAL-2776: update the portal configure to add a mobile template

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GTNPORTAL-2730 New code style rules and build level formatting enforcement

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Set page service cache

Use the new page API in the UserNodeFilter to load only the structural data of the current navigation's page

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GTNPORTAL-2490 - Initial work on device detection and redirection work. - redirection is loaded from the portal.xml conf file - redirection configuration is stored in the jcr - redirection service added along with a default 'mobile' site for use when a mobile browser accesses the page

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GTNPORTAL-2197: Allow to tune caches easily

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GTNPORTAL-2197: Allow to tune caches easily

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GTNPORTAL-2174 Use the new ExoCache config instead of adding a new creator

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GTNPORTAL-2120: Cache UserPortal instance in request scope and provide invalidation infrastructure

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GTNPORTAL-2104 Import Mode for Portal Config and Page data import

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GTNPORTAL-2054 : Navigation default import mode should be configurable for component plugins and set by default to merge

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rolling back GTNPORTAL-2037 for now to come up with a better solution

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GTNPORTAL-2037 : Provide a cache manager for simplifying the various cache usage

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GTNPORTAL-1993 Merge the navigation controller implementation

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GTNPORTAL-1962 The navigation import should be configurable some modes for particular requirement - Improve testcase initial data on each

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DescriptionService and Navigation i18n implementation

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Integrate new navigation API implementation and remove old one

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merge branch branch-GTNPORTAL-1822 to trunk

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GTNPORTAL-1575 : Create a dedicated configuration section for MOP cache

GTNPORTAL-1575 : Create a dedicated configuration section for MOP cache

GTNPORTAL-1422 the works in branched-r3845 branch merges into trunk

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minor cache change for mop session manager

GTNPORTAL-828 : Use org.jboss.cache.eviction.ExpirationAlgorithm eviction policy for MOP cache.

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GTNPORTAL-872: Externalize portal container configuration

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update to Chromattic 1.0.0 Reflext 1.0.0 MOP 1.0.0-GA JCR 1.12.0-GA

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actually need to remove some of the properties that were migrated as a mixin as they are not really a mixin but really state that could be cascaded

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