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GTNPORTAL-3467 Add navigation node properties to gatein_objects XSD

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GTNPORTAL-3263 "Restricted" page editor

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GTNPORTAL-3180: Update the gatein_objects xsd to 1.5 to include the portal redirect options.

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Remove what we redo

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GTNPORTAL-2741 Replace refs to gatein_objects_1_3 with gatein_objects_1_4

... and remove <uri> elements from the navigation.xml files.

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Merge branch 'master' into mobile

















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GTNPORTAL-2780: moved over the mobile configuration to a separate portal extension.

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GTNPORTAL-2730 New code style rules and build level formatting enforcement

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GTNPORTAL-2636 Replace refs to gatein_objects_1_2 with gatein_objects_1_3

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GTNPORTAL-2403: Create site preference portlet - created portlet which will allow users to select which site they perfer. Performs redirects based on the mappings specified in the portal.xml - added to the other servers build, but currently only works with JBossAS5 (issues with the Portlet Bridge and server compatibilities). May need to drop using JSF and create a normal portlet due to this :(

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GTNPORTAL-2490 - Initial work on device detection and redirection work. - redirection is loaded from the portal.xml conf file - redirection configuration is stored in the jcr - redirection service added along with a default 'mobile' site for use when a mobile browser accesses the page

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GTNPORTAL-1558 Have an option to set the default value for Show Info Bar and make it disable by default

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GTNPORTAL-1993 Merge the navigation controller implementation

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GTNPORTAL-1854 : provide a display name and description for the classic site since we can do it now

GTNPORTAL-1731 Merge the commit branch of sprint 45 back to trunk

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GTNPORTAL-643 : GateIn portal object schema

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remove creator and modifier from data model that were used **nowhere**

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GTNPORTAL-48: Release GateIn 3.0.0-Beta02 with source code from * Source code from

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