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GTNPORTAL-3433 Update HomePage background with correct GateIn 3.8

GTNPORTAL-3311 It still has Gatein 3.6 displayed in Gatein 3.7 home

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GTNPORTAL-2894: remove the fancy text gradiant since it doesn't degrade nicely if the browser only supports a subset of the custom options.

GTNPORTAL-2894: Add text from the background image as text instead of it being part of the image. Will now support different translations and RTL langugaes.

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Remove what we redo

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GTNPORTAL-3000 new version # in splash image

GUI-REDESIGN new splash image and fixed padding to 8px

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GTNPORTAL-2382 Remove ClearFix from stylesheet and template

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GTNPORTAL-806: Links on Home page

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GTNPORTAL-123: Bug in Homepage with Arabic and Ukainian language

GTNPORTAL-48: Release GateIn 3.0.0-Beta02 with source code from * Source code from

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