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GTNPORTAL-2916: update the redirect service to also accept nodes string representations which start with a "/".

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GTNPORTAL-2781: update the redirect classes to return empty collections instead of null. Fixes an issue when encountering empty redirect conditions and makes it easier for other files to use these classes (like the redirect admin ui).

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GTNPORTAL-2730 New code style rules and build level formatting enforcement

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GTNPORTAL-2529: - Fix issue where device properties are not loaded from the portal.xml configuration file. Without this fix, the device properties are just ignored - Fixes issues where greater-than and less-than device property values are not loaded into chromattic properly and causing class cast exception when used. - Updated tests to better test the device detection using the portal.xml file

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GTNPORTAL-2403: Create site preference portlet - created portlet which will allow users to select which site they perfer. Performs redirects based on the mappings specified in the portal.xml - added to the other servers build, but currently only works with JBossAS5 (issues with the Portlet Bridge and server compatibilities). May need to drop using JSF and create a normal portlet due to this :(

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GTNPORTAL-2490 - Initial work on device detection and redirection work. - redirection is loaded from the portal.xml conf file - redirection configuration is stored in the jcr - redirection service added along with a default 'mobile' site for use when a mobile browser accesses the page

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