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Decouple the PageService from jcr and move it to package

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Decouple the NavigationService from jcr and move it to org.gatein.portal.mop.navigation package

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GTNWSRP-328 Fixed tests.

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GTNWSRP-328 PageInfo was not properly handling pages with the same name but in different sites

GTNPORTAL-2726 Factor out SessionLifeCycle common code into a new AbstractSessionLifeCycle and make WSRPSessionLifeCycle and PortletStatesSessionLifeCycle extend it, thereby also addressing the PortletStatesSessionLifeCycle issue.

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GTNPORTAL-2730 New code style rules and build level formatting enforcement

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GTNPORTAL-2725 NPE in log after deleting page/dashboard

GTNWSRP-322 Import page does not show proper data. - Adapted to changes in page information access, updated tests - If a window doesn't have a name, use its description before resorting to using its id

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GTNWSRP-313 Upgraded to WSRP 2.2.0.Beta09 which provides a new PortCustomizer allowing us to ignore BEA's default policy.

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GTNWSRP-308: Fix an issue where multiple chromattic sessions were sharing the same jcr session when using WSRP.

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GTNPORTAL-2611 Fix WSRP plugins in AS 7 Create AS 7 deployers to detect WSRP plugins, add WSRP dependencies to them and store their specific classloaders for later use in WSRP code.

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GTNWSRP-304: Support WS-Security with WSRP on JBoss AS7 - simple example portlet to show currently authenticated user. - Useful for testing ws-security over wsrp. - gatein-portal integration changes for AS7 and wsrp with ws-security - Update user identity portlet to display a few more security related options - Update the module.xml for wsrp integration so that the configuration directory is available on the classpath - hack to make git add in empty directories. These directories are used to store ws-security configuration files for wsrp, and AS7 will fail if the directory for a classpath entry doesn't exist.

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GTNPORTAL-2583: Full servlet 3.0 support GTNPORTAL-2567: Credentials saved in temporary authRegistry duing authentication. Adding ConversationStateUpdateFilter for update credentials in ConversationState

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GTNWSRP-288: Modified the ws-security configuration to use the JBossWS native post handlers instead of the endpoint handlers. This allows for encryption to function properly as when the endpoint is accessed it will already be in an accessible, decrypted state.

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GTNPORTAL-2395 - Allow WSRP configuration files to be picked up from gatein.conf.dir on Windows machine: fixed path wrangling so that it also works on Windows systems.

- GTNWSRP-268: re-applied patch from mposolda.

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- Reverted changes from GTNWSRP-268 until a new WSRP version is released.

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- GTNWSRP-268: applied patch from mposolda.

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- GTNWSRP-276: Fixed wrong handling of null window name.

GTNPORTAL-2305 Possible NPE in org.gatein.portal.wsrp.structure.MOPConsumerStructureProvider

- GTNPORTAL-2268: allow configuration files to be put in $gatein.conf.dir for greater user friendliness.

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- GTNPORTAL-2241: Delayed start of ConsumerRegistry to allow for proper publication of WSDL and avoid deadlock. Delay is configurable in wsrp-configuration.xml.

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- Reverted changes that weren't meant to be included.

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- Updated to use PC 2.3.0-Beta08 and WSRP 2.1.0-Beta08.

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- Only use one FederatingPortletInvoker instance instead of having one per portal container so that WSRP can work in clustered environments. - Updated to use WSRP 2.1.0-Beta06 and changes to PC 2.3.0-Beta06.

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- GTNPORTAL-1938: updated to WSRP 2.1.0-Beta05, set the consumers configuration in a way similar to what is done for the producer.

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rolling back GTNPORTAL-2037 for now to come up with a better solution

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GTNPORTAL-2037 : Provide a cache manager for simplifying the various cache usage

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- Added some logging.

- Updated to WSRP 2.1.0-Beta03. Adapted JCRPersister to changes. - GTNWSRP-196: moved nodetype configuration files to WSRP module.

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