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GTNPORTAL-2037 : Provide a cache manager for simplifying the various cache usage

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- Added some logging.

- Updated to WSRP 2.1.0-Beta03. Adapted JCRPersister to changes. - GTNWSRP-196: moved nodetype configuration files to WSRP module.

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- If an exception occurs during the launch of WSRP, show an error but don't crash the portal.

- GTNPORTAL-1868: Save the session instead of closing it.

GTNPORTAL-1845: remove PortalLoginModule, the credentials are being added to the servlet session in the wci module now.

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- Merged wsrp-extraction branch back to trunk. (-r5827:6031) with the added fix to the package declaration in JBoss5WSSServiceIntegration which was improper (and yet, everything was building fine... -_-; ). - Note that this merge also contains the start of WS Security support in WSRP.

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