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- Removed now unneeded importMode.

GTNPORTAL-2114 It doesn't change portal composer save button after add column in UITableColumnContainer or tab in UITabContainer

GTNPORTAL-2112 Can't DnD UIColumnContainer when language is Arabic

GTNPORTAL-2128 Chrome - Display problem of RSS Gadget

GTNPORTAL-2127 RSS Gadget Display time in correct format

GTNPORTAL-2119 Typo in UIPortalNavigation.gtmpl

GTNPORTAL-2138 Cluster profile: Attempt to replicate non-serializable class PicketlinkIDMServiceImpl

GTNPORTAL-2137 Upgrade to eXo JCR 1.14.1 (with dependencies eXo Core, kernel, WS...)

GTNPORTAL-2135: Update gatein-management to 1.0.0-Beta04.

GTNPORTAL-2100: Align import strategy of mop mgmt extension with import mode of extensions.

GTNPORTAL-2133: Exception occurs when exporting navigation nodes that have no labels.

GTNPORTAL-2117 The username value should be validated even click on 'Check Avaiablitiy'

update the comment that describe the portlet container integration configuration

- Only use one FederatingPortletInvoker instance instead of having one per portal container so that WSRP can work in clustered environments. - Updated to use WSRP 2.1.0-Beta06 and changes to PC 2.3.0-Beta06.

GTNPORTAL-2131 : Update to portlet container 2.3.0-Beta06

- Fixed improper order of elements (new parsing in PC is stricter).

GTNPORTAL-2126: Update LegacyRequestHandler to handle situations where the current user doesn't have permission to access the portal or the portal doesn't exist.

GTNPORTAL-2124 [Data Import] It does not work properly with PortalConfig in extension

GTNPORTAL-2120: Cache UserPortal instance in request scope and provide invalidation infrastructure

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GTNPORTAL-1966: Change AGPL to LGPL license on header

GTNPORTAL-2074: Add JUnit test

GTNPORTAL-2111: Breadcumbs portlet does not update label as language is changed

GTNPORTAL-1966: Mime Type definition for file uploading

for now put the japex on the japex profile until a fixed version of the japex plugin works with maven 3

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GTNPORTAL-2074: Lose application when drag/drop during edit page or edit layout

GTNPORTAL-2115 Remove Expand All feature in site map portlet

GTNPORTAL-2097 Loading screen do not work properly

TESTVN-4136 - Daily tests on Portal

GTNPORTAL-2108: Remove System.out during navigation export.

GTNPORTAL-2106 : Navigation controller renderer performance improvements

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