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- update GateInTest to create a tmp dir per runtime execution (allow to avoid mvn clean install) - change ../temp to ${basedir}/target in test idm configuration as it's putting data at wrong place

- Commented out ChromatticManager configuration as it's not currently used. - Properly size mappingClasses.

GTNPORTAL-441: The token in autologin feature is not removed

edits to Portal Admin chapter

Chapter 4 copy edit

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need to use kernel 1.1 for profiles in configuration

FCK is useless in Gatein. Remove it

FCK is useless in Gatein. Remove it

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GTNPORTAL-412: Don't show content of page (node) after edit node's page in special case

GTNPORTAL-438 Disable configurations of WSRP when deploying with Tomcat

GTNPORTAL-414 Page editor does not show all the portlets after import applications

GTNPORTAL-403: Don't update application into category after choose in add application form in Application registry

GTNPORTAL-53: Problem when searching with all portal ( user, first/last name...)

GTNPORTAL-416 Fix for Site Management, Group Navigation Management

GTNPORTAL-415: Should show MaskLayer when showing MaskWorkspace

GTNPORTAL-376: Change somethings in DragDrop and structre of UIDashboard for consistency JS implementing way

GTNPORTAL-416 Fix for Page Management, Dashboard, Group Navigation

GTNPORTAL-387: Add default thumbnail to local gadget

GTNPORTAL-367: Can not change new recovered password

GTNPORTAL-387: Have problem when create new local gadget in Application registry portlet

GTNPORTAL-416 Unknown error when edit User/membership in special case

GTNPORTAL-379 IE7: Can't hide sub-group

GTNPORTAL-375: Exception in console & error in displaying current gadget after added new tab with special characters

Adding changelog

Use correct version

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.0.0-Beta04

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- Fixed improper cardinality on several properties.

Merging changes done in wsrp-integration branch - Configuration persistence - Admin UI portlet

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