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Rewrote the SSO chapter

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GTNPORTAL-602: Clean up code in UserPortalConfigService

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GTNPORTAL-513 Error displaying in Page Editor composer when change language to Italian

bind database with java: prefix in JBoss AS

add getDescription(() method that returns empty in the PageNavigation to make UI happy for now

GTNPORTAL-429 Still show group which user has no right

GTNPORTAL-587: Still show messsage when create new page in add new node

Edits to Chapters 4 & 5

Edits to Chapters 4 & 5

GTNPORTAL-603 Use httpResponse.setContentType("text/html; charset=UTF-8"); in login form

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GTNPORTAL-481: Translate GateIn in Vietnamese

GTNPORTAL-481: Translate GateIn in Vietnamese

GTNPORTAL-481: Translate GateIn in Vietnamese

- for now disable the root /production as it leads to concurrency issues

- fix the datasource name in sample portal repository configuration - fix lucene index path for wsrp workspace

use mop prefix for mop state name and properties

remove the useless properties

converted navigation to use gtn:described mixin instead of label

remove creator and modifier from data model that were used **nowhere**

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- sanitizing unused state in the model chain

remove description from node navigation as it's not really implemented and used and useful

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- use gatein namespace for gatein specific mixins - introduce gtn:described mixin for name+description - refactor other node types to use the gatein mixins

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- use "app:" prefix for application jcr persistence of names - actually rename "content" to "application" for application related stuff (was a wrong good idea from me)

- GTNPORTAL-606 : Prefix MOP data with a "production"

GTNPORTAL-605 : Datasource separation

- Removed output to console.

remove UndeclaredIOException that exists in gatein common

- GTNPORTAL-604 : Thirdparty and component integration - rework the skin deployer to be less error prone

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GTNPORTAL-601 Encountered an error and could not be displayed when delete tab of Dashbaord page

GTNPORTAL-599: Apply JBoss code template for