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- upgrade to PicketLink IDM (former JBoss Identity) 1.0.0.CR1 - remove separate IDM hibernate config

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GTNPORTAL-241 The gadget name is registered wrongly to Application Registry

GTNPORTAL-243 Can't add new tan when create new page for dashboard

GTNPORTAL-266: Error displaying when change icon for page ( node)

GTNPORTAL-227: Wrong sitemap preferences

GTNPORTAL-244: Create a new simple acount register portlet

GTNPORTAL-248: Prevent continuous press enter button by javascript when create portal

update gatein-parent 1.0.0-Beta03 -> 1.0.0-Beta04

adding sso component chapter

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Standardize Name and Description in POM

- GTNPORTAL-263 : Adding gadgets to a page always defaults to the horoscope one - disable edit mode of gadget wrapper as it does not make sense to edit the url of an existing gadget via preferences

GTNPORTAL-236: Upgrade java code to show Next and Abort button at step 3

add missing image

GTNPORTAL-202: Update java code to fix errors when delete container inside a UIPage

GTNPORTAL-219 show duplicate "gadget" category when click " Import Applications"

add missing image

GTNPORTAL-236: Fix errors in resources bundled messages

GTNPORTAL testing documentation (UI Testing scenarios)

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add missing image

GTNPORTAL-259:Error displaying in UISiteManagement when change some languages

more correct statistic retrieval

improve the application statistic service making it not rely on the application registry

GTNPORTAL-255: Do not Configure application policy inside server/default/conf/login-config.xml Also included the security domain of portal-samples in its ear. GTNPORTAL-268: Rename exo-domain -> gatein-domain

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Renamed 3.0.0-CR01-SNAPSHOT -> 3.0.0-Beta03-SNAPSHOT

GTNPORTAL-202: Fix the problem with tab container

Renamed 3.0.0-CR01-SNAPSHOT -> 3.0.0-Beta03-SNAPSHOT

Renamed 3.0.0-CR01-SNAPSHOT -> 3.0.0-Beta03-SNAPSHOT

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Renamed to gatein.checkout.dir

Don't force someone who would build GateIn Portal to have a particular directory structure

GTNPORTAL-259:Error displaying in UISiteManagement when change some languages