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GTNPORTAL-2484 JCR Session unclosed in NavigationServiceWrapper.start()

Upgrade PicketLink IDM to 1.3.2.CR01

GTNPORTAL-2356 Error message about portlet dimensions (width, height) not clear enough

GTNPORTAL-2483 UserTransaction should be marked for rollback if IdentityException is thrown. Added new abtract class for general operations like handling exceptions

GTNPORTAL-2463 New option 'lazyStartOfHibernateTransaction' added to Picketlink IDM configuration for support of lazy hibernate transaction

GTNPORTAL-2482 JBoss cache used for picketlink should be JTA-aware

GTNPORTAL-2481: Import site dialog - css resource not found

GTNPORTAL-2478 Unify Japanese translations

Remove global varibable use

GTNPORTAL-2477 - Move GateIn deployment archives to another directory in AS7

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GTNPORTAL-2476 option 'allowNotCaseSensitiveSearch' added with default value to true also to LDAP config to avoid OpenDS case-sensitivity error

Don't need to return requireJS config for empty modules

Only need to use noConflict for jQuery when use requireJS

GTNPORTAL-2475 option 'allowNotCaseSensitiveSearch' added with default value to true to avoid MySQL case-sensitivity error

GTNPORTAL-2440 Can't login to portal after login to sample-portal

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Add Unit tests for JavascriptConfigService

GTNPORTAL-2472 Implement JBoss AS7 WSRP support

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Fix NPE if declare a non exists resource as dependency

Use jquery as a RequireJS module

Should not return JS resources with no module (empty resource)

GTNPORTAL-2471 Configuration files use multiple versions of kernel xsd definition

GTNWSRP-288: update wsrp component

GTNPORTAL-2469 Provide support for different JBoss AS7 versions

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GTNPORTAL-2470: Fix "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration" error marker in Eclipse

GTNPORTAL-2429 Remove /admin security constraint from AS7 packaging

GTNPORTAL-246 Improve JBoss AS7 integration by avoiding overwriting module.xml

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GTNPORTAL-2467: Remove Eclipse metafiles .project and .classpath

GTNPORTAL-2465: Centralize common configuration used in GateIn packaging

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GTNPORTAL-2464 Portal Page with Portlet that isn't deployed breaks UI

Make sure no cross dependency allowed