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GTNPORTAL-2531 JDK7 Support

GTNPORTAL-1805 Make the features available for GateIn AS7

GTNPORTAL-1805 Ability to send email after registration of new user

GTNPORTAL-1805 Ability to send mail after X invalid login attempts

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remove unused javascript variable eXo.env.requireConfig

GTNPORTAL-2529: - Fix issue where device properties are not loaded from the portal.xml configuration file. Without this fix, the device properties are just ignored - Fixes issues where greater-than and less-than device property values are not loaded into chromattic properly and causing class cast exception when used. - Updated tests to better test the device detection using the portal.xml file

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Fix bug show browser context menu when use RightClickPopupMenu

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.4.0.M01

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GTNPORTAL-2455 An exception when a node label is too long name like more than 40 chars

GTNPORTAL-2526: Sending redirect from WebUI portlet 's event listener does not work on Jetty

Centralize and rename the GateIn version label property to 3.4

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Remove remains global method from Util.js

Use $.trim instead of String.prototype.trim

Remove HashMap javascript support

Remove javascript array contains, pushAll function

Remove javascript array extension: clear, remove function

Make gatein-jquery example portlet work with requirejs

Use $ instead of gj for jquery

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update PLIDM and WSRP versions to latest released

GTNPORTAL-2511 DataSource lookup fails on AS7

GTNPORTAL-2466 Wrong parsing extra markup header on JBossAS 7

GTNPORTAL-2523 Improve AS7 packaging

GTNPORTAL-2479: JSF Portlet page doesn't re render after Ajax ActionRequest

GTNPORTAL-2479: JSF Portlet page doesn't re render after Ajax ActionRequest

GTNPORTAL-2522: move the li and a tags to the correct location

GTNPORTAL-2519 Update JSF example to Portlet Bridge 2.3.1.Final

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GTNPORTAL-2515 AMD - RequireJS integration

Enable automatic deployment of exploded .ears in gatein/deployments

GTNPORTAL-2517 DuplicateServiceException: service org.gatein.startup is already registered while starting up on AS7