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JBEPP-323: update parts of the skinning document.

TESTVN-241 : eliminate conflicting scripts

Move Test_POR_07_007_ChangeLanguageOfUserCreateInPublicMode.html to ko folder

Move Test_POR_14_01_043_CheckShowSiteEditorMenu.html to ko folder

Rename form Test_SNF_PRL_35_CreateNewAccountPublicMode.html to Test_SNF_PRL_35_CreateNewAccountPrivateMode.html


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GTNPORTAL-1025: Don't show Edit Inline item when user have no right to add new page node

Change script for Test_SNF_PRL_13_AddRemoteAndCreateNewGadget.html

Change script for Test_POR_22_019_ChangeEditRightOnPortalPageWhileEditingPortalPageProperties.html

Change script for Test_SNF_PRL_09_ImportApplication.html

GTNPORTAL-1091: Clean rotten code

GTNPORTAL-1024: Don't show sub-level in Permission Selector form

Change script for Test_POR_10_002_DeleteCurrentPortalByLegalUser.html

UI Tests: adding bigger pause at test 18 (before deleting portal)

UI Test: put back fix of test SNF_PRL_28

UI tests: another fixes of tests - waiting and speed issues, tests: 18, 20, 21

GTNPORTAL-1037: Still keep old validation text when change some invalid fields

GTNPORTAL-1079 Wrong information message while managing portals

GTNPORTAL-1062 change title of sample-ext dashboard from Sales BI to Sample Dashboard

Change script for Test_POR_09_008_CreateNewPortalWithNameIsTheSameWithExistingOne.html

Change script for Test_POR_09_009_CreateNewPortalWithPortalNameTheSameWithExistingButDifferentByLowerAndUpperCase.html

Change script for Test_POR_09_004_CreateNewPortalWithNameStartNumber.html

UI Tests: fixed SNF_PRL_18 - select template tab when adding portal was removed, changed identifier of tab

Change script for Test_POR_25_05_004_CutPasteNodeByAddPageWizard.html

Change script for Test_POR_25_04_001_CopyPasteNodeIntoTheSameNavigation.html

Change script for Test_POR_09_003_CreateNewPortalWithBlankName.html

Change script for Test_POR_25_04_004_CopyPasteNodeIntoTheSameResource.html

Change script for Test_POR_09_004_CreateNewPortalWithNameStartNumber.html

Change script for Test_POR_25_04_003_CopyPasteNodeToSamePlace.html

TESTVN-241 : eliminate conflicting scripts