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GTNPORTAL-804: Only root can add gadgetAdd onkeypress for checkbox in private login

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GTNPORTAL-820: fix issues in which empty navigation nodes would not be saved properly. Needed to updated the navigation util filter to return an empty node if the acceptNonDisplatedNode is set.

correct the pom

Move the skins to a better place

fixing what I broke

- get rid of the resource filter cache as it is possible to cache directly the binary encoded array in the css service itself (actually the cache was very badly used (my fault btw))


GTNPORTAL-747 : Exclude hibernate from WSRP consumer jar as it conflicts with GateIn hibernate version, somehow WSRP consumer should have its hibernate implementation in its own jar to make it optional

GTNPORTAL-784 : "Resources could not be found or the invoker doesn't have adequate privileges to get the resource" errors at startup

fix a bug due to caching null return values in mop cache

GTNPORTAL-799 Fix non displaying of field labels in form, Clean up code and resource bundle files

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add logging to remember me filter

Rollback profiles.xml file to not include user specific directories (again).

GTNPORTAL-792: Produce Shindig source repository Use our fork of Shindig

GTNPORTAL-826: MessageResource_de.js is missing Contribution of Hardy Massen

Update GTN so that it will build, complete the tests, and run on an IBM jdk (GTNPORTAL-815) -Remove default jdk Xshare option as its already the default on the Sun jdk, and its not an option on the IBM jdk. -Add the jcip.annotations jar to the test and to the build since the IBM jdk will fail with a TypeNotFoundException without it (see GTNPORTAL-636). -Specify the memory options for the compiler-plugin. If not set then GateIn with an out of memory exception when building with the IBM jdk.

GTNPORTAL-821 : remove bookmark.jsp

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GTNPORTAL-771 : Remember-me functionality: Roles are not added on session creation

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- fix bug in direct url authentication (like http://localhost:8080/portal/private/classic) - simplified the flow of the InitiateLoginServlet - added debug during the auth process

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- GTNPORTAL-823: If a portlet is remote from a producer named foo, add it to a 'Foo Producer' category. Note that this will only work when WSRP is updated to CR01.

GTNPORTAL-808: Adding new membership with same name than existing one does not trigger "already exists" warnings

Check show site editor menu with "Test_POR_14_043.html"

GTNPORTAL-752: Create Maven project for a simple deployable GateIn skin

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GTNPORTAL-789: Translate somethings to Vietnamese

Image editing

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Image editing

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new italian updates. See GTNPORTAL-816

fixing failing unit test that I made fail in previous commits

improving getAllPortalNames() performances

Check to make sure we don't add an empty (ie just the prefix) navigation parameter to the url.