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- GTNWSRP-268: applied patch from mposolda.

Fix bug in UIUserInfoPortlet

GTNPORTAL-2341 Czech localization labels for navigation nodes

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Implemented simple UserConfigurableUsernameValidator taking its configuration from a gatein.conf.dir/ file.

- ExpressionValidator needs to provide a format string to error message.

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Fixed runtime issues that were not caught by test suite. Made AbstractValidator.trimmedValueOrNullIfBypassed method more configurable.

GTNPORTAL-2340 WebAppController needs to start RequestLifeCycle for every processing (including static resource processing)

Fix js dependency: bootstrap.js should be loaded before base.js

Support to use portlet's ResponseProperties to load JS resources

GTNPORTAL-2339 Outdated location of LocalePolicy configuration in docs

GTNPORTAL-2338 Images should not be processed by PortalRequstHandler

GTNPORTAL-2338 Images should not be processed by PortalRequstHandler

- Adding information to exception. Note that this class doesn't properly parse valid language identifiers in Java 7 as ja_JP_JP_#u-ca-japanese is a valid identifier in Java 7 but is rejected by the current parsing code. See GTNPORTAL-2337

Small fix on unit test: TestJavascriptManager

GTNPORTAL-2336 Gadget settitle do not work

GTNPORTAL-1033: Change message when input name for gadget start by number

- Removed Serializable and added default no-args constructor.

- Removed unneeded code.

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Refactor Validator architecture to remove duplicated code and make it easier to create new ones and/or change behavior for all validators.

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rewrote the dependency map computation to allow to specify an optional fetch mode as input

- Removed unused code.

- Added CompoundApplicationMessage and AbstractApplicationMessage to be able to collect all messages (in case there might be several) before reporting the errors.

improve serving with setting one hour cache on resources

sanitize legacy methods on JavascriptConfigService

added web test module

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added failure method that produce an error to throw to wrap failures from unit test

UIMaskLayer should not depend on UIMaskWorkspace

Using DragDrop2 in UIPopupWindow.js

A reader implementation that analyse a char stream and replace properties on the fly

Fix hiding popup problem when click on on document Re-organize js code