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GTNPORTAL-2490 - Initial work on device detection and redirection work. - redirection is loaded from the portal.xml conf file - redirection configuration is stored in the jcr - redirection service added along with a default 'mobile' site for use when a mobile browser accesses the page

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GTNPORTAL-2489: Change of JBC configuration - LRU algorithm + separate configuration for portal-system workspace

GTNPORTAL-2486 UITabPaneDashboard.msg.wrongTabName outdated in some languages. Fixed for cs and de

1) Add new JTAUserTransactionLifeCycleService with methods for obtain, start and commit JTA transaction. 2) Sync in POMDataStorage before sending page query to commit current JTA transaction and start new if JTA is enabled and there are pending changes in MOP

GTNPORTAL-2484 JCR Session unclosed in NavigationServiceWrapper.start()

Upgrade PicketLink IDM to 1.3.2.CR01

GTNPORTAL-2356 Error message about portlet dimensions (width, height) not clear enough

GTNPORTAL-2483 UserTransaction should be marked for rollback if IdentityException is thrown. Added new abtract class for general operations like handling exceptions

GTNPORTAL-2463 New option 'lazyStartOfHibernateTransaction' added to Picketlink IDM configuration for support of lazy hibernate transaction

GTNPORTAL-2482 JBoss cache used for picketlink should be JTA-aware

GTNPORTAL-2481: Import site dialog - css resource not found

GTNPORTAL-2478 Unify Japanese translations

Remove global varibable use

GTNPORTAL-2477 - Move GateIn deployment archives to another directory in AS7

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GTNPORTAL-2476 option 'allowNotCaseSensitiveSearch' added with default value to true also to LDAP config to avoid OpenDS case-sensitivity error

Don't need to return requireJS config for empty modules

Only need to use noConflict for jQuery when use requireJS

GTNPORTAL-2475 option 'allowNotCaseSensitiveSearch' added with default value to true to avoid MySQL case-sensitivity error

GTNPORTAL-2440 Can't login to portal after login to sample-portal

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Add Unit tests for JavascriptConfigService

GTNPORTAL-2472 Implement JBoss AS7 WSRP support

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Fix NPE if declare a non exists resource as dependency

Use jquery as a RequireJS module

Should not return JS resources with no module (empty resource)

GTNPORTAL-2471 Configuration files use multiple versions of kernel xsd definition

GTNWSRP-288: update wsrp component

GTNPORTAL-2469 Provide support for different JBoss AS7 versions

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GTNPORTAL-2470: Fix "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration" error marker in Eclipse

GTNPORTAL-2429 Remove /admin security constraint from AS7 packaging

GTNPORTAL-246 Improve JBoss AS7 integration by avoiding overwriting module.xml

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