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GTNPORTAL-2424 Front page is visually broken

GTNPORTAL-2421 A webui portlet which has no template renders invalid content

GTNPORTAL-2416 - Update OpenAM (OpenSSO) integration document for cross domain authentication usecase

GTNPORTAL-2420 - Update to Chromattic 1.1.4 release

GTNPORTAL-2411: Merge branch 'resources-controller'

Fix wrong import in UIAccountSettingForm

GTNPORTAL-2412 [XSS] initialURI parameter is vulnerable to script injection

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GTNPORTAL-2409 Use *submit* input to submit the Login form when hitting enter

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GTNPORTAL-2411: Merge initial implementation of resource loading controller

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GTNPORTAL-2410: Hitting enter on login page is broken (JS error)

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Fix setting option for Closure compiler

rename package for new files of resource controller

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fix testcase for closure compressing

GTNPORTAL-2405 : Build activation improvement

GTNPORTAL-2386 Port some changes related to UITab and UIRightClickPopupMenu

Update the database profiles selection to remove the activeByDefault usage

Update the profile management to use the property activation and remove the activeByDefault activation

GTNPORTAL-2404: Add support for WSRP application binding.

GTNPORTAL-2395 - Allow WSRP configuration files to be picked up from gatein.conf.dir on Windows machine: fixed path wrangling so that it also works on Windows systems.

GTNPORTAL-2379 mandatory field description when edit portlet

GTNPORTAL-2382 Remove ClearFix from stylesheet and template

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GTNPORTAL-2393: - added more tests and prevented array out of bounds exception. - Some minor corrections in error messages

Merge remote-tracking branch 'exoportal/patch-1'

- GTNPORTAL-2392: NSE [java.util.regex.Matcher] at any validated input (in cluster mode): remember the regular expression and create/reset Matcher on demand.

GTNPORTAL-2071: NPE when calling export-resource on an invalid navigation node.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'bdaw/master'

update README.txt with git instructions instead of svn

GTNPORTAL-2385: Failure when a node has a long name

configure maven build to use git

fix pom to contain correct 3.3.0-CR01-SNAPSHOT version

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