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GTNPORTAL-3115 CDI Portlet Integration Library not working properly after AS7 packaging changes

GTNPORTAL-3113: fix issue where the webui navigation wouldn't work correctly on some mobile devices.

GTNPORTAL-3108 LastLoginTime should be configurable

GTNPORTAL-3110 IDM DAO classes are only catching IdentityExceptions

GTNPORTAL-3110 IDM DAO classes are only catching IdentityExceptions




GTNPORTAL-3112 Minor fixes for OAuth

Unit test for portlet Juzu action and assets : fix for action and commented out for assets until it is implemented

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Fix missing closing bracket for redirect admin

GTNPORTAL-3102 adding svg2png fallback

GTNPORTAL-3109: update the webui navigation menu's to display the menu's inside browser.

Unit test for Juzu render url in portal and fix it with juzu 0.7.0-beta10

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Packaging for plain Tomcat

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Updated README


GTNPORTAL-2947: fix issue where on create the portal's shared layout property would always be set to 'all users'

GTNPORTAL-3104: Show a message on the site and group management when there are no editable navigations. This is to prevent the page from being blank in this situation.

GTNPORTAL-3105 Shindig classloading issue in as7

Introduce page XML 2.0 and now we use name UI components with a real name instead of using a generated UUID

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GTNPORTAL-2917 Filter to avoid NPEs while portal is being started

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.5.5.Final

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GTNPORTAL-2913: fix issue where portal properties would never get update if they were set to null. Since we can't actually delete attributes we just set the portal property to null.

GTNPORTAL-3103 Edit permissions are not updated in REST API

GTNPORTAL-3101 Encoding issue when login with password containing non-ASCII characters

GTNPORTAL-3067: Wrong actions after sorting redirects or conditions

GTNPORTAL-3099: Tooltips in Add/Edit Condition modal not showing

GTNPORTAL-3096 removed transparent parts in svg icons

add sitemap & register portlet

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GTNPORTAL-3057: add the Ubuntu font locally. Update the skin service to support fonts.

Implement parallel rendering

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