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Fix issue where device based redirects would not always take you to the proper redirect site.

add GUI for login with Oauth

remove not used config file and re-config using system properties, completed with google

small improvement on how to config system property

Update gatein-management to 2.0.1.Final

GTNPORTAL-3163: Removed Close button ("X" at top right) from modal windows. There are "Cancel" buttons available.

GTNPORTAL-3162 Site layout with containers causes the import to fail

GTNPORTAL-2932 (CP02) : Disabling Richfaces skinning standard controls.

add config for OAuth login (with twitter)

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GTNPORTAL-3160 JGroups warnings at startup of clustered JPP 6.1 ER2

Add that help to define system properties

GTNPORTAL-3157: add check in the responsive header portlet so that quick clicks in succession don't update the same content multiple times over ajax.

Add unit test for SocialNetworkService

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Add oAuth services from gatein 3.5

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edit navigation template: use class from bootstrap

add stylesheet to format login form

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GTNPORTAL-3154 Fix OAuth authentication with GateIn on Tomcat

GTNPORTAL-3155 Adding option requireClusterProfile for PortalClusteredSSOSupportValve

GTNPORTAL-3137 Remove infinispan web cache-container from standalone.xml to fix performance

GTNPORTAL-3152-2 Fix for mobile compatibility with 508 type (d) and (o)

Updated README

fix wrong tag in login form

refact test -> use common configuration at main (WEB-INF/conf)

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add test for login module

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add login/logout link to navigation portlet for test login module of gatein

refact login module and add logout function

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GTNPORTAL-3153 Add ServletAccessValve to Tomcat packaging

GTNPORTAL-3151 Upgrade to twitter4j-core 3.0.3, so Twitter integration will work again

GTNPORTAL-3152 508 type (d) and type (o) enhancements

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GTNPORTAL-3135 Upgrade SSO to 1.3.4.Final