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GTNMGMT-33 Fix NPE in PortalLoginModule, which can happen during CLI login

- GTNWSRP-267: + Use important instead of note for important stuff. Clever, uh? :) + Fixed improper name for default producer configuration file.

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- GTNWSRP-267: + Added reference to JBOSS_PROFILE_HOME for greater clarity. + Fixed improper documentation as to the behavior of the consumers configuration: we do not read the XML configuration anymore if it's already been imported in JCR. Note that this was a mistake that probably dates back to GateIn 3 documentation. - GTNWSRP-231: added documentation on the possibility of adding a wsrp-producer-config.xml file to conf/gatein to use instead of having to modify the extension to change the initial producer configuration.

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- GTNWSRP-267: finished updating the consumers configuration part.

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GTNPORTAL-2267: add missing image for wsrp wss setup.

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GTNPORTAL-2267: initial reference guide documentation for ws-security support with wsrp.

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- GTNWSRP-267: changed structure of consumer configuration procedure, changed example to use NetUnity's public producer instead of (now defunct) Oracle's public producer.

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- Fix improper Shindig version. Should now build again.

GTNPORTAL-2281: Can't maximize gadgets oups... Didn't mean to commit that one

GTNPORTAL-2281: Can't maximize gadgets

GTNPORTAL-2280: fix issue where default values for gadget preferences were not being used.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.2.0-Beta01

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Update output directory to use value set by to allow overriding of value

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GTNPORTAL-2277 minor fix for PDF rendering

GTNPORTAL-2277 SSO valve documentation upgrade.

GTNPORTAL-2277 Backport current documentation of SSO valve from EPP documentation.

GTNPORTAL-2276 Using valve instead of filter, so that it's used only on JBoss and not on Tomcat or Jetty.

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GTNPORTAL-2276 JBoss SSO valve integration improvement

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GTNPORTAL-2274 Can't login after unsuccessful login attempt in cluster profile

GTNPORTAL-2273 Sanitize controller.xml

GTNPORTAL-2390 The gadget portlet should auto-adjust vertically

GTNPORTAL-2272 Portlet windows doesn't appear in some cases

GTNPORTAL-2271 UIFormInputWithAction render children regardless of is rendered or not

GTNPORTAL-2269: only allow initial URI login redirects to locations on the same server.

GTNPORTAL-2270 Upgrade Chromattic 1.1.1

GTNPORTAL-1213 A small bug fix and fix up the order configuration for core JS modules to ensure they will be loaded first

GTNPORTAL-1213 Need to provide a way to add customer javascript for each site

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GTNPORTAL-2166 Edit page icons are not aligned

- Started updating WSRP documentation. - Updated WSRP version entity.

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