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remove jquery in sitemap portlet to avoid conflic

Remove println

Revert "Unit test for switching layout"

This reverts commit b12ccf8c9e8087917bd617e938ae39095142fa70.

Update to Juzu 0.7.0-beta25

Documentation comments

Minor UI fixes and JS documentation comments

Refactor and format JS code for layout model

EXOGTN-1593 [Edit-InPlace] D&D to add new window from composer

GTNPORTAL-3289: Invalid Email addresses when domain part begins with digit character

Fix description:

- Accept domain part contain digit at the beginning

EXOGTN-1591 [Edit-Inplace] Implement composer that allow to DnD new application to page

Add resource controller method allow to render portlet using contentId

Fix portlet icon path

EXOGTN-1591 [Edit-Inplace] Implement composer that allow to DnD new application to page

GTNPORTAL-3272 Site header/footer preview when editing a page

a small reformatting and refactoring

gatein.portal.pageEditor.fullPreview now defaults to false

Unit test for switching layout

EXOGTN-1590: [Edit-Inplace] Implement deleting window

refactor switch layout js and qunit test

Remove code from templates

Migrated to Juzu 0.7.0-beta23

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Basic edit inline feature

Use homepage portlet on layout demo instead of sleep portlet

EXOGTN-1578 [Edit-Inplace] - keep snapshot state when switch layout

Make DnD better and some code refactoring

EXOGTN-1578 [Edit-Inplace] - fixbug save when change layout

Fix some typo on new layout template

Config some more complex layout

fix small bug due to merging switching layout

Use layout two columns for parallel demo page

EXOGTN-1578 [Edit-Inplace] Implement save and cancel editing layout

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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