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GTNPORTAL-2498 Synchronize use of shindig-container feature for gadget container in GateIn

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Programmatically trigger loading needed scripts for particular components

Move UITabbbedDashboard.js to 'dashboard' portlet application

Refactor UITabbedDashboard.js using JQuery

GTNPORTAL-2275 Added AuthenticationRegistryListener to make sure that AuthenticationRegistry entry is cleared when session expire.

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Clean up usage of DOMUtil traversing

GTNPORTAL-2275 Get rid of credentials in HTTP session.

Fix bug in UIFormInputThemeSelector.js

Re-organize code base

Deprecate some DOMUtil.js methods

GTNPORTAL-2154 Support for JBoss AS7 - fixed parent version mismatch that occurred during the last release

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GTNPORTAL-2352 Added needed section for SSO integration with GateIn Tomcat bundle

Added link to latest SSO bundle.

GTNPORTAL-2351 : Portlet resource serving does not handle status code other than 200 OK

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Remove method changeLanguage/changeSkin from UIPortal.js

Use JQuery in method blockOnMouseOver of UIPortal.js

GTNPORTAL-2389 UIGadgetPortlet doesnt set up correctly browser caching for gadget resources

GTNPORTAL-2388 Error while rendering doodle gadget when source is dead

Use jQuery in UICalendar.js, UIColorPicker.js, VerticalScrollManager.js

Delete unnecessary methods in UIPortal.js

Move portal-composer-related methods from UIPortal.js to PortalComposer.js

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Added documentation.

Fix bug : don't resolve url for remote JS modules

User jQuery for UIUploadInput.js -> log.debug

correct implementation of the fetch graph resolution

- GTNPORTAL-1673: Use UserConfigurableValidator where appropriate.

Use jQuery for DragDrop2.js

perform server side caching of generated scripts

Use JQuery in UIPortal.js