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ISPN-5346 Delegate shouldRemove() to SearchWorkCreator.

ISPN-5344 Revert unintentional change that made all caches inherit from default

ISPN-5266 Optimize PutAll operations (Hot Rod)

* Added some perf tests

ISPN-5019 Update LargeClusterStressTest to measure the cluster shutdown as well

Also includes some logging changes in the state transfer classes.

* Don't log OutdatedTopologyException as an error

* ClusterTopologyManagerImpl: Better error message in executeOnClusterSync

* StateConsumerImpl: Don't log the list of segments so many times

* LogTopologyManagerImpl: Move log out of critical section

Fix method signature fluency of &

ISPN-5335 ConfigurationBuilder with custom interceptor leads to shared instance

* fix extended stats module. it invokes the setup multiple times.

ISPN-5266 Optimize PutAll operations (Hot Rod)

* Added entry checkpoint to more efficiently read from netty

ISPN-5351 Provide customizable attribute copiers

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ISPN-4322 when skipTests is defined do not prepare test configuration

Do not run ant tasks from build-testsuite.xml when tests are skipped and

do not fail if no integration tests are running

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ISPN-4322 AS Remote Client Module Integration Tests module fails with IBM JDK Created unified solution

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ISPN-5264 Optimize PutAll operations (library mode)

* PutAll now only sends needed data to appropriate nodes

* Added segment aware collections to avoid copying collections

ISPN-5242 Adjust inconsistencies between local-cache and clustered-cache statistics

ISPN-5019 Don't use up a thread for early StateRequestCommands

ISPN-5266 Optimize PutAll operations (Hot Rod)

* Implemented very basic putAll for RemoteCache

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HHH-9695 Use non-transactional cache for immutable entities

ISPN-5352 Register ReflectionMatcher before starting cache

ISPN-5019 Install merge cache topologies in parallel

Limit the number of async threads doing cache status recovery

with a SemaphoreCompletionService

ISPN-5019 Don't keep the state transfer thread blocked while waiting for state

Use SemaphoreCompletionService for inbound state transfers

ISPN-5347 Extend org.infinispan.objectfilter.Matcher to support event types and user context data

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ISPN-5195 ISPN-5205 Refactoring

ISPN-5349 Rename FilterAndConverter to JPAFilterAndConverter and implement a CacheEventFilterConverter based on it

ISPN-5338 Extend JSR-107 tests

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Remove references to the "enabled" attribute from the compatibility examples

'Release Script: update versions for 7.2.0.Beta2'

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ISPN-5331 Enable node statistics with global jmx enabled flag

ISPN-5349 Filter wrapping with CompositeCacheEventFilter/PostCacheEventFilter prevents the filter being handled as a CacheEventFilterConverter

* use a special wrapper if the filter is a CacheEventFilterConverter

* This is mostly a perf improvement since RemoteClusterListener already rejects all pre events explicitly in the handler method

* fix construction of the EventType to report isPreEvent() correctly

ISPN-5335 ConfigurationBuilder with custom interceptor leads to shared interceptor

ISPN-5019 Improve the memory usage and serialization of consistent hash classes

ISPN-5332 Update the HotRod Client and Remote Query modules to the new lookup strategy for SearchIntegrator

ISPN-5332 Expose an 'unwrap style' method to expose the SearchIntegrator and SearchManagerImplementor to advanced users