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ISPN-8813 Avoid NPE during BaseJPAFilterIndexingServiceProvider.stop()

ISPN-9606 Fix logging ids for counters module

Remove a TODO related to ISPN-5353 that was fixed by ISPN-9127

ISPN-8616 Fix the replication wait in locked stream tests

ISPN-9637 Cleanup dependency injection in Ickle filters and their indexing providers

* these filters could have a common base class that handles the extraction of query

string and params from the Object[] argument. This was done until now with the

helper class IckleFilterConverterUtils but we can do it a bit more elegantly.

Disable the maven-remote-resources-plugin for modules which don't need it

- also make all integrationtests modules inherit from integrationtests-parent

instead of infinispan-parent

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ISPN-7087 Handle ClientCacheEntryExpired in InvalidatedNearCacheListener

ISPN-9604 Support to run converters in the user requested format

ISPN-9603 Update version of RocksDB

ISPN-8813 Rename BaseJPAFilterIndexingServiceProvider to BaseIckleFilterIndexingServiceProvider

ISPN-9602 Use statically created empty byte array everywhere

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ISPN-9601 Expose switchToCluster ops over JMX in the Hot Rod client

- introduces thread name prefix/suffix for the client async executor

- fixes ISPN-9064

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ISPN-9604 Refactor event conversion

ISPN-9573 Stopping a cache can lead to unintentional unregistering of another indexed cache query-related MBeans

org.infinispan.query.remote.impl.LifecycleManager can safely cache the MBeanServer

ISPN-9573 Stopping a cache can lead to unintentional unregistering of another indexed cache query-related MBeans

Remove a query module LifecycleManager hack

* ensure ReflectionMatcher uses the AgregatedClassLoader

* make sure our DefaultSearchMappingProvider executes before the user providers

* QueryInterceptor constructor should receive an AdvancedCache to avoid future getAdvancedCache() calls

* remove useless InterceptorChain null checks in createQueryInterceptorIfNeeded

ISPN-8799 Limit the default number of shards in the AffinityIndexManager

ISPN-8616 DistAsyncFuncTest.testMergeFromNonOwner random failures

* Wait for replication in locked stream tests

* Delay command execution to trigger random failures more often

Add dependency on infinispan-feature-pack-wf-modules in wildfly-modules integration tests

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ISPN-9594 Update server trim list to WF14 components

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ISPN-8003 ProtobufMetadataManagerInterceptor fails the InterceptorDefinesAllReadWritesCheck

* some functional map or advanced concurrent map functionality does not even make sense for

protobuf metadata cache so we override all these unsupported visit methods and throw a meaningful CacheException

QueryKnownClasses should include the cache name in the exception message

* remove the "retry if SuspectException was thrown" hack, no longer needed since ISPN-4546 "Retry transactional commands on topology changes or SuspectException"

Remove unused TransactionalEventTransactionContext

* it seems this is unused since ISPN-7806


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Releasing version 9.4.0.Final

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Move nexus-staging configuration to build-configuration

Releasing version 9.4.0.Final

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Releasing version 9.4.0.CR4

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Attach infinspan-checkstyle sources