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Turn indexed entity autodetection INFOs into warnings

Revert "ISPN-7599 Jolokia support for Windows"

This reverts commit ac25f437a7623da79c40fabd2732c650dd095bc0.

Revert "ISPN-7599 Jolokia support"

This reverts commit 9e65d83af6c1f5a34d943bcb3eabe34e53027790.

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ISPN-8064 Clean up public API javadocs

- remove @public doclet from scripting, cdi commons, rest internals, etc

- include rocskdb and soft-index in javadocs

- consistent naming of Hot Rod

- better grouping of correlated javadocs

- minor cleanups

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Prevent NPE when cache stopping

ISPN-4099 Local Listeners can raise entry events on rehash

* Don't raise notifications on state transfer

ISPN-8057 Make the AdminOperationsHandler correctly return a Set<Task> on getTask()

- Also refactor the code so it is more robust

ISPN-8058 Move org.infinispan.tasks.Task to the tasks-api JAR

- Also move some methods from ServerTask to Task

- Make ServerTask implement Task

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ISPN-6677 Deal with unavailable persistence dependencies during startup

The PersistenceManager now attempts to start each of the configured

stores several times before failure. The number of attempts and the

time between attempts is configuratble.

Furthermore, the PersistenceManager now periodically probes the

availability of the configured stores via the CacheWriter and

CacheLoader isAvailable methods.

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ISPN-7865 Distributed Stream thread usage for key aware operations can be improved

* Replace deprecated ConsistentHash.getSegment

ISPN-8061 Update the Embedded Query Integration Tests

ISPN-8061 Replace getIndexedTypes().contains() with getIndexBindings().containsKey()

ISPN-8034 Update the migration guide to highlight the need to replace ram->local_heap in configurations

ISPN-8038 java.lang.ClassCastException with compatibility mode and text content

ISPN-7990 Make query entity cache persistent

ISPN-7599 Jolokia support for Windows

ISPN-7599 Jolokia support for Windows

ISPN-8034 Update other tests to the new name

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ISPN-8034 Update documentation ram->local_heap

ISPN-8034 Support the new short name for RAMDirectory

ISPN-8036 TestResourceTracker keeps cache managers alive

ISPN-8034 Directory configuration 'ram' changed name to 'local-heap'

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ISPN-8035 Configuration element Index.LOCAL replaced by Index.PRIMARY_OWNER

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ISPN-8035 Resolve some deprecations migrating to new Configuration API of Infinispan core

ISPN-8033 Distributed Stream rehash is broken if a map operation is used

* Make distributed stream rehash stress test work again

ISPN-8033 Distributed Stream rehash is broken if a map operation is used

* Make sure supplier gives new stream each time

* Added functional test that verifies map works on rehash

ISPN-8032 Add infinispan-hibernate-cache to bom

ISPN-7599 Jolokia support

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ISPN-7599 Jolokia support

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'galderz/t_2lc_v4'