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ISPN-6513 Inconsistencies in Maven pom files

ISPN-6511 Allocate less memory during RPC response handling

Porperly size the map of responses.

ISPN-6411 Do not marshall byte[] returns for exec

ISPN-6526 Transaction doesn't rollback on throwable

ISPN-5521 Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.0.9.Final

Apply Java 8 syntax

Apply Java 8 syntax

ISPN-6408 Support non-String returns

* Transform return values to its String form and send that back.

* Refactored StringMarshaller to commons so that it can easily be used

by multiple consumers.

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ISPN-5943 Access log of cache operations

* Access log is written to logger

* Can be enabled by setting threshold to TRACE

ISPN-6478 Added stress test for client event

ISPN-6503 Upgrade to JGroups 3.6.9.Final

ISPN-6506 Cache the Lucene query instead of re-creating it from the filter's AST

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ISPN-6436 Overriding the name of an indexed property is not supported with DSL query

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Fix order of arguments for assertEquals

Fix order of arguments for assertEquals

ISPN-6504 Try to use the index even if the query matches all entries

ISPN-6504 Try to use the index even if the query matches all entries

ISPN-6508 Test remote continuous query on a cache with compat mode enabled

ISPN-6497 Allow keystore and cert. private key passwds to be different

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ISPN-6501 Create a ProbeHandler for JGroups

ISPN-6495 ExpirationIT is unstable

ISPN-6492 Remove unused HR client log messages

ISPN-6389 Classloader correction

ISPN-6389 Classloader correction

ISPN-6477 Unregister cache mbean even if cache is terminated

ISPN-6488 Convert CacheRpcCommands to use a pre-computed ByteStrings

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ISPN-6487 Fix typo in faqs 2.6.1

ISPN-6482 Allow setup only truststore in HR client config

'Release Script: update versions for 9.0.0.Alpha1'

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ISPN-6481 Upgrade JGroups to 3.6.8.Final