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ISPN-10274 Distribution restructuring

* Drop uberjars

* Drop all uberjar-related tests

* Create a single javadoc distribution

* Drop the all, minimal and remote distributions

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ISPN-9666 Agroal JDBC Connection pool added

ISPN-8087 Remove C3P0 and Hikari Connection Pool

slf4j-jboss-logmanager bridge also removed.

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ISPN-9213 Update to Hibernate ORM 5.3.1 and Hibernate Search 5.10.1

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ISPN-9192 Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.10.0.Final, Hibernate ORM 5.3.0.Final and JPA 2.2 standard API

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ISPN-9141 Upgrade to Karaf 4.2.0

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ISPN-8619 Rewrite Hot Rod client using Netty

* New implementation of ChannelPool that does not enforce writing

to the channel in event loop thread (but later on in Netty the write is

delegated to event loop ATM)

* Replaced monitor-based lock with read-write lock, and removed some

locking when we don't use balancing; maybe the locking is still


* Removed Apache Commons Pool

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ISPN-8262 Upgrade to Karaf 4.1.2

* Add explicit dependencies for the wrap feature (wrap: protocol)

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ISPN-7635 Remove log4j from required OSGi features

- Upgrade Karaf to 3.0.8

- Upgrade Pax Exam to 4.10.0

- Wrap JBoss Marshalling jar

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ISPN-7426 Remove the no longer required hibernate-entitymanager dependency

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ISPN-7452 OSGi dependencies hibernate-commons-annotations and Jandex no longer need wrapping

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ISPN-6939 Replace the LevelDB cache store with one based on RocksDB

- Add the RocksDB Cache Store to the server

- Documentation for RocksDB Cache Store

- Add RocksDB Cache Store to the WildFly modules

- Use RocksDB cache store in the uberjar in place of LevelDB

- Convert the LevelDB store to a simple facade of the RocksDB store

- Adjust all integration tests for the change from LevelDB to RocksDB

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ISPN-6958 Upgrade to javassist 3.20.0-GA

* also fix misspelled build property version.hibernate_dep.javaassist

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ISPN-6681: Replace C3P0 with HikariCP

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ISPN-3076 Upgrade to JBoss Logging 3.2.1

- Also migrate code to use log4j 2.x

- Bump Karaf to 3.0.4

- Bump Pax Exam to 3.5.0

- Update Hibernate dependencies

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ISPN-4942 Make uber jars compatible with OSGi

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