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ISPN-10870 Rename schemas and update configurations for 10.1

* Update namespace names

* Add 10.1 test configuration

* Update schema URLs to

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ISPN-10723 JMX registration cleanup

* all jmx registration should happen via CacheManagerJmxRegistration/CacheJmxRegistration

* we should not have other classes using JmxUtil.buildJmxDomain because it can lead to split domains. Better fail early.

* there are very few legitimate direct usages of JmxUtil.lookupMBeanServer; all else must go

* prefer CacheManagerJmxRegistration/CacheJmxRegistration.registerMBean over other methods

* remove PerThreadMBeanServerLookup

* remove ManagedAttribute annotation elements that are equal to their defaults

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ISPN-9949 Removed the implicit default cache

* All tests now use a default cache named with the test's short name

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ISPN-8826 Don't require a default cache for the Hot Rod server

* Change the whole test suite to set a default cache name based on the test name

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ISPN-9863 Fix spring4 testsuite thread leaks

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ISPN-9784 Remove Distributed Executor

* Remove distributed executor classes

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ISPN-8320 Fix bad html tags in javadocs caused by < > around author email addresses

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ISPN-9714 Update CacheNotifier to return CompletionStage

* Also update many users to also support non blocking

* Listener invocation is done on separate thread when sync

* Listener can return CompletionStage to be non blocking

* Increase notification thread pool due to nested listener invocations

* Make cluster listeners fully non blocking

* Add ComposedCompletionStage to handle many depedent CompletionStages

* Add blocking methods for CompletionStages

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ISPN-8985 Dynamically use latest schema version in tests

- Remove unsued files

- Remove schema info so that they are always "fresh"

- Use resource filtering for test configs in server

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ISPN-8395 Remove unneeded allowDuplicateDomains calls

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ISPN-8308 Remove references to deprecated EvictionConfiguration

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ISPN-8206 Update smoke test suite

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Bump schemas to 9.2

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Bump versions and schemas to 9.1

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ISPN-7653 Add feature to inject input keys

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ISPN-7474 Stabilized DistributedExecutorCDITest

ISPN-7363 Fix Runnable inject for disexec.

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ISPN-7351 Additional testcase for @Named qualifiers

ISPN-6802 Remove remaining equivalence references

The invocation context implementations and the transaction

implementations still have a reference to AnyEquivalence.

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ISPN-5021 Nodes that finish the rebalance later can see outdated values

* introduces 4-phase rebalance (instead of 2-phase)

* unless data is lost, each node knows about some node that can read the

data - retries of reads are possible but never need to wait for anything

* replaced uses of UnsuccessfulResponse by reads with UnsureResponse

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ISPN-6906 Add ExternalPojo marker

* Marker interface used to signal test classes that are supposed to be

externally marshalled.

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ISPN-6866 OffHeap Data Container

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ISPN-5683 Fix whitespace around generics and update some usages of vintage generics syntax

* also enable some checkstyle rules that are not violated

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ISPN-5683 Enforce one new line at end of file

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ISPN-5683 Removed whitespaces at the end of the lines

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ISPN-5683 Organized imports

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ISPN-6242 Migrate to CDI 1.2 with annotation bean discovery

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ISPN-6586 Fix CDI tests

ISPN-6856 Replace @Before/AfterTest with @Before/AfterClass

* AbstractInfinispanTest uses @Before/AfterClass to setup tracked resources (to wrap each instance of test), inheriting classes have to follow

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ISPN-6610 Stop using forkInvocationSync

Interceptors must use onReturn() for things they need

to do after command.perform(). While forkInvocationSync()

still works, it doesn't allow asynchronous execution.

* Fix forkInvocation-related problems in BaseSequentialInvocationContext.

* Make BaseSequentialInvocationContext.invokeInterceptors invoke

visitCommand in sequence for all interceptors, to allow inlining.

* Move visit notification from CallInterceptor to EntryWrappingInterceptor

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