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ISPN-5467 Design sequential interceptor interfaces

* SequentialInterceptor is a potentially async interceptor

* DDSequentialInterceptor extends SequentialInterceptor with

double-dispatch support (similar to CommandInterceptor)

* SequentialInvocationContext is the new invocation context interface,

containing support methods for the sequential interceptors

* SequentialInvocationChain is the new invocation chain interface

* SequentialInvocationChain has a new implementation, the other interfaces

are implemented by the existing interceptor and context classes

* Log the global transaction/command invocation id as part of the MDC

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ISPN-6400 Bump parsers and schemas to 9.0

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ISPN-6354 Remove Map/Reduce

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ISPN-6259 Fix tests which assume that defining a configuration means starting a cache

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ISPN-5838 CDI split into remote and embedded

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