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ISPN-3185 License and copyright header update

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ISPN-1583 Avoid delegate advanced caches wrapped parameters

* Such parameters are flags or classloaders.

* By adding an interface that generates wrap objects, abstract

delegate implementations can pass on caches with flags or cache

loaders while keeping these wrapped.

* This avoid the problem of unwrapping a wrapper while keeping

hold of the given flag/classloaders.

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ISPN-2210 Rework configuration and builders for loaders - Distinguish between loaders and stores - extract interfaces from abstract classes to ease extensibility

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ISPN-1924 Switch internals to use new Configuration

* Changed L1 configuration enabled default to false

* Removed activated flags from configuration objects

* Removed some configuration validation that was too brittle

* Provided backward compatible solutions for CommandInterceptor

and ModuleLifecycle implementors.

* Added Configurations class with helper methods for computing

several configuration parts centrally.

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ISPN-1652 Check for flags in commands rather than in context

This makes it possible for flags in transactional operations to be

applied in remote nodes.

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ISPN-1644 polished previous fix and add *unit* tests

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ISPN-1642 Adding a test for the new optimisation

ISPN-1639 adding test

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