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ISPN-7613 Enable write-skew for optimistic + repeatable-read transactions

* removed repeatable-read + optimistic without write-skew

* default to repeatable-read + optimistic + write-skew

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ISPN-7400 Cache segment ownership information in DistributionManager

Use DM.getCacheTopology() in all ClusteringDependentLogic

implementations, and use it directly where possible

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ISPN-7540 Calling getCache(String, String) - template overrides cache definition

* Throw exception when redefining a cache

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ISPN-7507 Deprecate async options for tx cache

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ISPN-7066 Fix all tests which assume that retrieving a non-existent named cache will create it with the default configuration

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ISPN-5683 Organized imports

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ISPN-7029 Refactor command execution patterns and context entries handling

* Define entry wrapping throughout the interceptor stack (see EntryFactory javadoc)

* In VisitableCommand replace readsExistingValues() and alwaysReadsExistingValues() with single loadType()

* Make sure that write commands always return value from primary owner

* Deprecate CacheEntry.rollback(), StateChangingEntry and its methods + COPIED flag in ReadCommittedEntry

* Remove oldValue from ReadCommittedEntry, add resetCurrentValue() and updatePreviousValue() that revert the entry upon retry (with repeatable reads - without them, entry is removed from ctx before retry).

* Make ClusteredGetCommand and ClusteredGetAllCommand topology-aware (add topologyId).

** Don't block reads when the entry is in readCH of current node (ignore topology then)

** Return UnsuccessfulResponse if the originator has old topology

** Retry locally (with waiting for new topology) if this node has old topology

* Functional commands, GetAllCommand and PutMapCommand rewritten to use RpcManager.invokeRemotelyAsync and behave asynchronously.

* PutMapCommmand (optionally) returns List<Map.Entry> instead of Map to share code with functional commands (and generally be more inline).

* (Non-clustered) listeners now fire only on the owners, not on originator.

* Make DeltaAwareCacheEntry MVCC (though the plan is to remove it altogether).

* Remove redundant activation interceptors

* Instead of adding the version when wrapping the entry add it when the command returns, similar to skipLookup(true).

* Remove IncrementalVersionableEntryFactory as it does not do much anymore (ClusteredRepeatableReadEntry can be created by EntryFactoryImpl).

* Deprecate CacheTransaction.replaceVersionRead because now we are sure which version we read and we should never overwrite it

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ISPN-6905 Remove AdvancedCache.with()

* AdvancedCache.with() interface method still remains to avoid breaking

users who might be extending the interface but the default

implementation does nothing now.

* A similar thing happens with the getInvocationContextContainer()

method in AdvancedCache. The default implementation in CacheImpl

returns null, and only the interface remains. The default

implementation has now been removed.

* Methods that take ClassLoader as parameter in CacheImpl have been

removed since they're no longer needed.

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ISPN-6856 Testsuite: minor fixes

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ISPN-6803 Pre-compute bitsets for each flag

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ISPN-6803 Pre-compute bitsets for each flag

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ISPN-4851 Make SyncConsistentHashFactory the default CH factory

* Also create SyncReplicatedConsistentHashFactory, to match the primary

owners in replicated and distributed caches.

* Change the default number of segments to 256.

* Remove the special default of 1 segment for replicated tests.

* Improve handling of capacity factors in SyncConsistentHashFactory.

* Fix random test failures caused by the CH and segments changes.

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ISPN-5871 FlagsEnabledTest.testWithFlagsSemantics always fails

* Make the assertions more fine-grained

* Use MagicKey to ensure stable key locations

Fixed SKIP_REMOTE_STORE to only mean when persisting entries

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ISPN-4387 Write Skew Check does not work with Passivation

* Some refactor on ManualEvictionWithSizeBasedAndConcurrentOperationsInPrimaryOwnerTest

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ISPN-4074 Introduce a doclet to filter out private APIs from the JavaDoc

- Add file for all public packages which need to be documented

- Separate interfaces from implementations by creating appropriate "impl" packages

- Remove legacy classes and interfaces which have moved to commons

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Cleanup FlagsEnabledTest

BZ1060311 ISPN-3845 CACHE_MODE_LOCAL flag only works in primary owner for non-tx caches

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    • +73
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ISPN-3845 CACHE_MODE_LOCAL flag only works in primary owner for non-tx caches

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    • +71
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ISPN-3845 CACHE_MODE_LOCAL flag only works in primary owner for non-tx caches

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ISPN-3478 Polish CS API revamp

* updated after review

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ISPN-3478 Polish CS API revamp

* use the name "Store" vs CacheStore consistently

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ISPN-3478 Polish CS API revamp

* use consistent naming

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ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* removed migration tools (outdated)

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* removed pre 6.0 parsers and config files

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* removed existing SPI and store support classes: bucket based, lock support

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* new loader/writer SPI

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* implemented the cache store chaining logic

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* updated configuration

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* SingleFileCacheStore migration

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* migrate the JDBC cache store

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* removed old adaptor classes

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* migrate lucene loaders

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* migrate JCache adapters

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* migrate the remote cache store

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* migrated the cluster store

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* bug fix: for named components (the marshaller) it wrongly considered it as a global component

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* fixed tests and code scrubbing

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

Answered the review comments

* fixed spelling error

* improved javadoc

* InitializationContext.getConfiguration is generic now to avoid casts

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* fixed race condition in async cache store

ISPN-3290 Redesign CacheStore API

* fixed test timing out due to marshaller being created on every request

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ISPN-3276 Migrate the CacheLoader API to use org.infinispan.configuration

ISPN-3343 Write up CacheLoaderConfiguration and corresponding Builder for Lucene module

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ISPN-3185 License and copyright header update

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ISPN-1583 Avoid delegate advanced caches wrapped parameters

* Such parameters are flags or classloaders.

* By adding an interface that generates wrap objects, abstract

delegate implementations can pass on caches with flags or cache

loaders while keeping these wrapped.

* This avoid the problem of unwrapping a wrapper while keeping

hold of the given flag/classloaders.

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ISPN-2210 Rework configuration and builders for loaders - Distinguish between loaders and stores - extract interfaces from abstract classes to ease extensibility

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ISPN-1924 Switch internals to use new Configuration

* Changed L1 configuration enabled default to false

* Removed activated flags from configuration objects

* Removed some configuration validation that was too brittle

* Provided backward compatible solutions for CommandInterceptor

and ModuleLifecycle implementors.

* Added Configurations class with helper methods for computing

several configuration parts centrally.

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ISPN-1652 Check for flags in commands rather than in context

This makes it possible for flags in transactional operations to be

applied in remote nodes.

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