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ISPN-12286 Indexed entity declaration not enforced

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ISPN-11851 Remove FD_SOCK and MPING bind_addr

All protocols inherit the bind_addr from the transport

if not explicitly configured.

Also deprecate system properties jgroups.tcp.address

and jgroups.udp.address

Remove unused configuration examples.

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ISPN-11424 Deprecate StorageType Configuration

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ISPN-11712 Remove explicit indexing enabled="true" from xml configs

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ISPN-11690 Remove File-store relative-to attribute

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ISPN-10373 Store/Loader Non blocking SPI

* Added in new SPI

* PersistenceManagerImpl utilizes only new SPI

* Add in adapter for old SPI to new without changes

* DummyInMemoryStore converted to new SPI

* Async store converted to new SPI

* Added in BaseNonBlockingStore to be used by stores

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ISPN-11465 Upgrade to JGroups 4.2.1.Final

* Update the Infinispan and JGroups schema versions

in the XML configurations

* Switch to FD_ALL3 in the test JGroups stacks

* Keep using FD_ALL in the default stacks

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ISPN-11384 Cannot create OFF_HEAP caches dynamically

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ISPN-11385 Convert Remote Command Executor to Non blocking/blocking thread executor

* Invoke commands that block on blocking executor

* Invoke other commands by caller

* Use non blocking executor instead of remote in other places

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ISPN-10900 Remove support for GlobalJmx.allowDuplicateDomains

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ISPN-11377 Change default flow control back to UFC/MFC

Increase max_credits to 4MB to compensate for the queue.

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ISPN-11174 JMX enable flag backward compat

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ISPN-11292 Add in (non)blocking thread pools

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ISPN-11241 Deprecate Indexing mode

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ISPN-11271 Convert async transport executor to the non blocking thread pool

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ISPN-11056 Remove deprecated SerializationConfiguration

Version and ClassResolver fields removed.

Externalizer methods in place as these can't be removed until the

globalmarshaller has been refactored to be protostream based


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ISPN-11174 Add global and cache-level enable flag for microprofile metrics

* rename ApplicationMetricsRegistry to InfinispanMetricsRegistry

* rename JMXStatisticsConfiguration to StatisticsConfiguration

* rename ConfigurationBuilder.jmxStatistics() to statistics()

* add an enable flag for global JMX config and separate the flag from CacheContainerConfiguration.statistics

* fix several 'configuration' test names

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