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ISPN-8982 Hibernate ORM 5.3 2LC implementation

* Includes infinispan-hibernate-cache-spi (and related changes) by Paul Ferraro

* Regions moved from commons to version-specific modules.

* infinispan-hibernate-cache is now merely a copy-paste of v51 with

necessary SPI changes, and this module won't be in Infinispan 9.3

* v53 drops support for transactional caches completely.

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ISPN-8601 Support entity and collection sharing same region name

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ISPN-8570 Replace services with @MetaInfServices

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ISPN-8570 Avoid code duplication

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ISPN-8570 Complete version dependant compatibility

* Focused on getting test code to use APIs that are not relying on

breaking changes between 5.1 and 5.2.

* As well SessionImplementor/SharedSessionContractImplementor and

transaction API refactoring, it also deals with the refactoring of

Query class and related methods.

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ISPN-8570 Partially fix version dependant compatibility

* Mostly focused around the imcompatibilities between

SessionImplementor (5.1) and SharedSessionContractImplementor (5.2).

* Also focused on the TransactionCoordinator and related package

refactoring from org.hibernate.resource.transaction to


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