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ISPN-10981 Fix JCache.removeAll regression

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ISPN-10981 CacheWriterTest.shouldWriteThoughUsingPutAll_partialSuccess random failures

Bulk operations should wait for all the eval operations to finish,

even if one of them failed.

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ISPN-10795 Unregister the cache MBean on stop

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ISPN-10719 JCache: CacheManager.destroyCache should not remove internal caches

* Hide internal caches in CacheManager.getCacheNames()

* Disallow internal caches in CacheManager.getOrCreateCache()

ISPN-10591 infinispan-jboss-marshalling removed from jcache

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ISPN-10723 JMX registration cleanup

* all jmx registration should happen via CacheManagerJmxRegistration/CacheJmxRegistration

* we should not have other classes using JmxUtil.buildJmxDomain because it can lead to split domains. Better fail early.

* there are very few legitimate direct usages of JmxUtil.lookupMBeanServer; all else must go

* prefer CacheManagerJmxRegistration/CacheJmxRegistration.registerMBean over other methods

* remove PerThreadMBeanServerLookup

* remove ManagedAttribute annotation elements that are equal to their defaults

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ISPN-10583 Avoid using deprecated globalJmxStatistics().cacheManagerName()

* other jmx related clanups

* deprecated core MBeanServerLookup implementations should extend from the ones in commons module

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ISPN-10302 Support XInclude in the configuration parser

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ISPN-10234 Remove SingletonCacheWriter

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ISPN-8192 Deprecate CollectionFactory

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ISPN-9912 preventing controlling the flow with NPE in LimitExpiryPolicy methods

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ISPN-9845 Stop exposing InternalMetadata via the persistence SPI

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ISPN-9846 Ensure Backwards Compatibility with Persistence SPI changes

Rename persistence.spi.MarshalledEntry to MarshallableEntry

MarshalledEntry and MarshalledEntryFactory methods in the spi deprecated

and default methods added for backwards-compatibility.

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ISPN-9768 Do not register MBeans if they are disabled

- avoids initializing classes

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ISPN-9693 Move MarshalledEntry and MarshalledEntryFactory to the persistence spi package

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ISPN-8320 Fix bad html tags in javadocs caused by < > around author email addresses

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ISPN-9561 GlobalConfiguration should keep strong reference to classloader

* GlobalComponentRegistry and ComponentRegistry shouldn't use

WeakReference either.

* CacheImpl.getClassLoader() should always return the configured


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ISPN-9127 Component registry

Introduce BasicComponentRegistry, which handles dependency injection but

doesn't have any logic specific to caches or managers.

Each component has its own lifecycle status, and starting a component

also starts its dependencies. Components can start in parallel.

ComponentRegistry and GlobalComponentRegistry still need to maintain

their own lifecycle status, but it is now possible to start a cache

before all the global components have finished starting.

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ISPN-9209 Move JMX utilities to infinispan-commons

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ISPN-10137 Replace component metadata files with generated classes

* Move component annotations to module component-annotations

* Generate accessor classes with annotation processor

* Deprecate ComponentMetadataRepo, replace with ModuleRepository

* Delete component metadata persister

* Require lifecycle with @InfinispanModule in each module

* ModuleLifecycle is no longer a service

* Require @Scope for injection and lifecycle

* Require @MBean for managed attributes or operations

* @Scope and @MBean are inherited (only from classes)

* Require duplicate @SurvivesRestarts on subclasses

* Annotated classes, fields, and methods must be package-private

* Anonymous classes are not supported

* Deprecate lifecycle method priorities

* Test module can register components via global configuration

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ISPN-8870 Remove logger inheritance to reduce class metadata

- JCache loggers

- Removed some more unused methods

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ISPN-8651 Use functional commands for JCache operations

* Single-key operations are executed using single command

* Multi-key operations use multi-key command or are executed in parallel

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ISPN-8571 JCache 1.1 compliance

* getCacheNames() should throw IllegalStateEx when closed.

* Unsafe type not checked in getCache(String)

* Fix remote cache filter issues

* JCache 1.1 requires filtering to happen with non-null values,

but when notifying listeners, whether the old value is required

or not needs to be verified, so events have to be laundered.

* Added more logging to client listener notifier when the listener

itself throws an exception.

* Removed old iterable/iterator classes and just use Stream methods

to compute the required filtering.

* Cache.close() should close any listeners that are Closeable.

* Close ExpiryPolicy instances if Closeable.

* Moved all close logic to Closeables utils class.

* Close cache loader and writer if Closeable.

* Cache miss on putIfAbsent must be counted.

* close() calls might throw things other than IOException.

* The TCK hooks listener instances whose close() methods can end

up throwing RuntimeExceptions, so make sure when closing you deal

with anything thrown by any pluggable instances.

* Make sure JCache.close() is called for both impls.

* Count putIfAbsent misses for stats in embedded too

* Add a comment for required ISPN-8652 fix.

* Make notified Closeable to make the need to close it more obvious.

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ISPN-7776 Clustered configuration state

- Introduce a CacheContainerAdmin interface in commons

- Implement EmbeddedCacheContainerAdmin

- Amend RemoteCacheManagerAdmin to implement CacheContainerAdmin

- Use the new admin ops in the EmbeddedServerAdminOperationsHandler

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ISPN-8379 Support configuration wildcards

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ISPN-8313 Remove references to deprecated StoreAsBinaryConfiguration

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ISPN-7783 Fix JCacheLoaderadapter entry creation

ISPN-7783 Fix JCacheLoaderadapter entry creation

ISPN-7540 Calling getCache(String, String) - template overrides cache definition

* Throw exception when redefining a cache

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ISPN-7177 Remove Outdated Eviction related classes

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