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ISPN-10870 Rename schemas and update configurations for 10.1

* Update namespace names

* Add 10.1 test configuration

* Update schema URLs to

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ISPN-10575 Replace TEST_PING with LOCAL_PING

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ISPN-10464 Remove RSVP protocol from JGroups configurations

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ISPN-8219 Update docs and samples

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ISPN-10302 Support XInclude in the configuration parser

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ISPN-9599 Require ADMIN permission for getGlobalComponentRegistry

* Deprecate getGlobalComponentRegistry and getComponentRegistry

* Require ADMIN permission for both

* Require ADMIN permission for configuration getters

(getCacheManagerConfiguration, getDefaultCacheConfiguration,


* Remove some internal usages of the configuration getters

* Trust* packages

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ISPN-9863 Stop cache manager in AsyncMetadataConfigurationTest

ISPN-9863 Stop cache manager in AsyncMetadataConfigurationTest

ISPN-9847 Inline JGroups configuration

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ISPN-8320 Fix bad html tags in javadocs caused by < > around author email addresses

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ISPN-9621 Marshallers separated into Persistence and Internal marshaller.

PersistenceMarshaller created based upon ProtoStream. Internal

persistence classes are marshalled using the protostream marshallers

and schema generated by protostream-processor.

The GlobalMarshaller still utilises the same IDs as before for

marshalling internal classes between nodes, but delegates to the

persistence marshaller for marshalling persistence and user classes.

ISPN-7409 user objects are marshalled via the marshaller specified in

SerializationConfiguration and the resulting bytes are wrapped in a

UserObject message. The default marshaller is the JBossMarshaller

with just the user configured external externalizers loaded.

ISPN-9624 StreamingMarshaller interface has been deprecated for external use and

has been replaced with the simplified StreamAwareMarshaller interface.

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ISPN-9087 Standardize STABLE configuration

Make desired_avg_gossip 2000ms in core tests and 5000ms elsewhere.

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ISPN-9087 Timeout during put operation when a node is blocked

* Change FD_ALL timeout from 60s to 10s + 1s check interval.

* Keep the default cache replication timeout at 15s

* Increase the default backup site timeout from 10s to 15s

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ISPN-9047 Enable view bundling in JGroups configurations

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ISPN-9038 UNICAST3 conn_expiry_timeout should use JGroups default value

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ISPN-8978 Remove usage of deprecated GMS#install_view_locally_first

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ISPN-8985 Dynamically use latest schema version in tests

- Remove unsued files

- Remove schema info so that they are always "fresh"

- Use resource filtering for test configs in server

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ISPN-8870 Remove logger inheritance to reduce class metadata

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ISPN-8779 Workaround to make the Lucene Directory cross-version compatible

ISPN-8779 Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.9.0.Final

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Unignore tests and add them to the "unstable" group

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Ignore test failure

ISPN-8168 Index corruption with topology changes

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ISPN-8302 Use the lastest Hibernate Search snapshot with HSEARCH-2806

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ISPN-8106 Remove unused imports

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Bump schemas to 9.2

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Disable failing query tests

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ISPN-7929 Introduce a test for Async indexing on Infinispan DirectoryProvider with Exclusive locks

ISPN-7929 Improve configuration readability of testing utilities

ISPN-7921 Avoid deprecated methods in the Infinispan Directory Provider module