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ISPN-11568 Remove InfinispanIndexManager and dependencies

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ISPN-11446 Always set a default request MediaType for caches

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ISPN-10970 Deprecate Infinispan Directory

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ISPN-10778 Change stores to be segmented by default

* Convert DummyInMemoryStore to be segmented

ISPN-10780 A shared store should not allow purge on startup

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ISPN-10591 Add SerializationContextRegistry.

The registry manages both the global and persistence

SerializationContext. Allowing modules to register schemas/marshallers

with a desired context, without having to retrieve specific marshaller


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ISPN-10639 Remove unused log message methods

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ISPN-10525 Utilise TypeId protostream annotation for internal types

- Move PersistenceMarshallerImpl.UserBytes to UserMarshallerBytes to

allow eventual re-use in the GlobalMarshaller.

- Create accurate size calculator for UserMarshallerBytes

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ISPN-10432 Upgrade Protostream to 4.3.0.Alpha9

* compilation emits method param debuf info to support protostream annotation processor

* take advantage of IPROTO-105 (annotated getters not named according to the javabeans standard)

* take advantage of IPROTO-102 (getters returning j.u.Optional)

* replace usages of deprecated protostream api/annotations

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ISPN-10410 Convert all immutable protostream entities to use @ProtoFactory

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ISPN-9186 Upgrade to protostream 4.3.0.Alpha8

* make some of the entities immutable

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ISPN-10234 Remove SingletonCacheWriter

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ISPN-9960 JavaDoc clean-ups

* Fix broken entities

* Fix links/sees

* Move internal classes to impl packages

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ISPN-9960 JavaDoc clean-ups

* Fix broken entities

* Fix links/sees

* Move internal classes to impl packages

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ISPN-9845 Stop exposing InternalMetadata via the persistence SPI

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ISPN-9846 Ensure Backwards Compatibility with Persistence SPI changes

Rename persistence.spi.MarshalledEntry to MarshallableEntry

MarshalledEntry and MarshalledEntryFactory methods in the spi deprecated

and default methods added for backwards-compatibility.

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ISPN-9693 Make MarshalledEntryImpl constructors package private.

MarshalledEntryUtil now utilised in tests classes.

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ISPN-9693 Move MarshalledEntry and MarshalledEntryFactory to the persistence spi package

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ISPN-8320 Fix bad html tags in javadocs caused by < > around author email addresses

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ISPN-9602 Use statically created empty byte array everywhere

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Some externalizers for Lucene objects do not implement getId()

* some methods do not need to be public

* fix some style issues

* remove unneeded @SuppressWarnings("boxing")

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ISPN-9621 Marshallers separated into Persistence and Internal marshaller.

PersistenceMarshaller created based upon ProtoStream. Internal

persistence classes are marshalled using the protostream marshallers

and schema generated by protostream-processor.

The GlobalMarshaller still utilises the same IDs as before for

marshalling internal classes between nodes, but delegates to the

persistence marshaller for marshalling persistence and user classes.

ISPN-7409 user objects are marshalled via the marshaller specified in

SerializationConfiguration and the resulting bytes are wrapped in a

UserObject message. The default marshaller is the JBossMarshaller

with just the user configured external externalizers loaded.

ISPN-9624 StreamingMarshaller interface has been deprecated for external use and

has been replaced with the simplified StreamAwareMarshaller interface.

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ISPN-10137 Replace component metadata files with generated classes

* Move component annotations to module component-annotations

* Generate accessor classes with annotation processor

* Deprecate ComponentMetadataRepo, replace with ModuleRepository

* Delete component metadata persister

* Require lifecycle with @InfinispanModule in each module

* ModuleLifecycle is no longer a service

* Require @Scope for injection and lifecycle

* Require @MBean for managed attributes or operations

* @Scope and @MBean are inherited (only from classes)

* Require duplicate @SurvivesRestarts on subclasses

* Annotated classes, fields, and methods must be package-private

* Anonymous classes are not supported

* Deprecate lifecycle method priorities

* Test module can register components via global configuration

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ISPN-8865 Move AdvancedCacheLoader over to using Publisher instead of process

* Convert LuceneCacheLoader

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ISPN-8870 Remove logger inheritance to reduce class metadata

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ISPN-8313 Remove references to deprecated StoreAsBinaryConfiguration

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ISPN-8308 Remove references to deprecated EvictionConfiguration

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ISPN-8168 Index corruption with topology changes

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Remove useless null check

ISPN-4065 Refuse to store an index on an ASYNC Cache

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ISPN-4065 Refuse to store an index on an ASYNC Cache

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